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FriSep 27

Save The Koala Day – September 27, 2024

Save The Koala Day is celebrated on the last Friday in September every year and takes place on September 27 this year. It is a part of the Save The Koala Month celebrations organized by the Australian Koala Foundation. The objective of these celebrations is simple — to save the koalas and their natural habitats, and raise awareness to prevent them from going extinct. Koalas are an important part of Australian wildlife. However, today they face the danger of disappearing due to human activities and the climate crisis. You can do your part to prevent the unthinkable from happening by raising funds and donating to organizations that are committed to caring for the koala population.

History of Save The Koala Day

The Australian Koala Foundation, also known as AKF, started the Save The Koala Month celebrations as a part of its campaign that is dedicated to helping the koala population. The Australian Koala Foundation started its own noble journey in 1986 under the guidance of two veterinary doctors and the direction of Deborah Tabart. The foundation aims to save the wild koalas by protecting and managing their habitat. They organize an annual campaign to raise awareness of the threats to the koalas and raise the funds to continue with their objective.

In 2012, the wild koala was listed as ‘vulnerable to extinction,‘ under the EPBC Act of the Australian Law. This happened only after the Australian Koala Foundation persistently lobbied to grant the special status to the vulnerable koala population. A senate inquiry led the way and Deborah Tabart attended each senate hearing and oversaw approximately a hundred submissions — the resultant report was a conclusive indictment on the government’s failure in protecting one of Australia’s most popular icons, the koalas. However, the listing did not prove to be enough. Sadly, for the koalas and for those who care, Australia continues to downplay the immediate attention that koala conservatorship needs. The Australian Koala Foundation is now demanding a Koala Protection Act, similar to the Bald Eagle Act (enacted in 1942). The aim is to implement the act into Australian law for guaranteed protection in the years to come. The Koala Army works tirelessly at all levels of the government to encourage the implementation of the Koala Protection Act.

Save The Koala Day timeline

25 Million Years Ago
The First Koalas

Koalas evolve in the forests of Australia.

The European Settlement

Urbanization and deforestation leave koalas homeless and without food.

Koalas are Hunted

Koalas are hunted for their fur.

Protected Species

The koala is made a Protected Species in all Australian states.

Save The Koala Day FAQs

What is Save the Koala Month?

September is a special time to consider how you can help koalas. It is Save the Koala Month, and September 30 is Save the Koala Day.

What is the best charity for koalas?

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is the principal non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to the effective management and conservation of the koala and its habitat.

How many koalas have died in Australian bushfires?

More than 60,000 koalas were killed or harmed during Australia’s ‘black summer’ bushfires, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

How to Observe Save The Koala Day

  1. Adopt a koala

    Koalas are cute and extremely affectionate. Adopt your very own koala at the Australian Koala Foundation website, and take responsibility for its well-being. This makes for a very thoughtful gift, too.

  2. Donate

    Donate to the Australian Koala Foundation so that they can continue to fight for the protection of koalas. Share the donation link with your friends to raise awareness for the cause.

  3. Plant a tree

    The eucalyptus is a koala’s favorite tree. Plant eucalyptus saplings in your backyard or join an afforestation program today.

5 Facts About Koalas That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. They aren’t bears

    Koalas are marsupials, which means that they carry their babies in a pouch.

  2. They are fussy eaters

    Koalas eat less than 50 of over 700 eucalyptus species found in Australia.

  3. They love to sleep

    A koala may sleep for up to 18 hours a day.

  4. Koalas have fingerprints

    Apart from primates, koalas are the only animals with fingerprints.

  5. Koalas are loners

    Koalas like to live by themselves and they respect each other's boundaries

Why Save The Koala Day is Important

  1. They are iconic

    Just like the kangaroos, koalas are Australian icons. They are native to Australia and important for the local wildlife. Save The Koala Day also honors the special status that the koalas enjoy.

  2. It conserves wildlife

    The koalas and their natural habitats are a crucial element of the local wildlife. Save The Koala Day not only fights for the koala population but the complete preservation of Australian wildlife.

  3. They are adorable

    Koalas have always been seen as adorable and affectionate creatures who get along just fine with human beings. This is the day to repay their kindness and warmth towards us.

Save The Koala Day dates

2023September 29Friday
2024September 27Friday
2025September 26Friday
2026September 25Friday
2027September 24Friday
2028September 29Friday

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