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National BRAVE Day
FriSep 27

National BRAVE Day – September 27, 2024

National BRAVE Day is celebrated on the last Friday of every September and this year the day will be observed on September 27. Every woman knows that sometimes all that she needs is just a small nudge of encouragement in the form of timely guidance from another woman. Yet other times call for coordinated, thoughtful efforts for women in need. The world moves forward when women empower women. National BRAVE Day honors women who lift each other up, rescue each other, fight for each other’s cause and make each other BRAVE. It is the day to celebrate the wise and strong women in your life.

History of National BRAVE Day

National BRAVE Day was founded by Sweetlife Women in honor of their founder, Kaci Stewart. Kaci Stewart is a stalwart in her field who has worked tirelessly to make a difference in women’s lives. The Sweetlife Women hope that National BRAVE Day celebrations will be the much-needed spark of encouragement to women and girls all over the world. The day serves as a reminder for women to seek strength in each other. Sweetlife Women has been in existence for over a decade now and they have done exceptional work in making women brave, as well as offering them help and guidance where needed. Their annual BRAVE Women’s Conference is held every September to honor women’s achievements. You can learn more about this conference at

Regardless of diverse experiences and backgrounds, when the need arises, women have always come together across generations to help and support each other. The women’s liberation movement has radicalized the lives of women but a lot of work remains to be done when it comes to achieving total equality. Think about all the times when you shared your troubles over a cup of coffee with a friend, or a female mentor wrote you a recommendation — women have always supported and uplifted each other through trivial troubles as well as unspeakable tragedies. The opportunities to empower sisters, friends, family, and even a stranger are limitless and important. On National BRAVE Day, we should aim to seek ways to encourage women and cheer them on, on their way forward.

National BRAVE Day timeline

National Woman Suffrage Association

Susan B. Antony and Elizabeth Cady Staton lay the foundation of the Woman Suffrage Association association.

Contraceptive Pills

The female contraceptive pill is launched.

Roe V. Wade

The U.S. Supreme Court declares that the Constitution protects a woman’s legal right to an abortion.

First Woman in Space

Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space.

National BRAVE Day FAQs

What did women's liberation do?

The women’s rights movement, also called the women’s liberation movement, is a diverse social movement largely based in the United States that, in the 1960s and 1970s, sought equal rights and opportunities and greater personal freedom for women. 

Who started the women's movement?

There were three founders of America’s women’s suffrage movement: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Lucretia Mott. 

What does it mean for a woman to be liberated?

A liberated woman refers to a feminist who pushes for more equality for women.

How To Observe National BRAVE Day

  1. Offer to help

    Know a female friend who’s looking for a job opportunity or a single mother who’s stretched thin with her time? Offer to write a recommendation or run an errand for them.

  2. Organize a movie night

    Bring together your girlfriends and settle in for a movie night. Pick women-centric movies to set the mood. Don’t forget to stock up the pantry!

  3. Donate

    Countless organizations work for women and child welfare. Pick a nonprofit of your choice and support their cause by donating to them.

5 Facts About Gender Inequality That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. There’s no paid maternal leave in the U.S.

    The U.S. is one of only eight countries in the world that does not provide any form of paid maternity leave.

  2. Higher education is still a privilege

    In low-income countries, for every hundred boys who continue their education after high school, only 55 girls do the same.

  3. Women do double the household chores

    Women around the world spend more than twice as many hours as men doing unpaid work.

  4. Equal pay is a distant dream

    113 countries do not have laws to ensure equal pay for equal work among men and women.

  5. Employment continues to elude women

    18 countries allow men to prohibit their wives from working.

Why We Love National BRAVE Day

  1. It empowers women

    Any society that empowers its women is a haven of progress. National BRAVE Day empowers women all over the world to come together and uplift each other.

  2. It promotes sisterhood

    Sisterhood is one of the deepest bonds that women share. Our girlfriends, mothers and aunts, and mentors have made some everlasting impressions on us and National BRAVE Day honors these cherished relationships.

  3. It fosters hope for an equal society

    Women still have miles to go when it comes to achieving equality in all spheres of life. National BRAVE Day continues to take the movement of women’s emancipation forward.

National BRAVE Day dates

2022September 30Friday
2023September 29Friday
2024September 27Friday
2025September 26Friday
2026September 25Friday

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