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ThuSep 26

Lumberjack Day – September 26, 2024

Lumberjack Day is celebrated on September 26 each year. This day aims at celebrating the archetypal woodsman: the lumberjack. It was created in 2005 by Marianne Ways and Colleen AF Venable as an excuse to eat pancakes and waffles with friends. Lumberjack Day is also celebrated because ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’ comes a week before it, and Ways and Venable wanted to celebrate a different character. They thought that it was important to have a day to talk about lumberjacks as well. This celebration has grown to be celebrated all around the U.S.

History of Lumberjack Day

If you are wondering what lumberjacks are, let us tell you that lumberjacks refer to mostly North American workers in the logging industry who perform the initial harvesting and transport of trees for ultimate processing into forest products. They worked and continue working hard, long and dangerous hours to get the harvest of trees in. Lumberjacks usually live in lumber camps, but they travel where they need to in order to find trees from which they obtain wood.

The term ‘lumberjack’ was first mentioned in Canada in 1831. They existed about a century ago in their original form, up until the time around World War II. Lumberjacks worked in Scandinavia, Canada, and the U.S., some even being immigrants from Scandinavia to North America.

Unlike the first lumberjacks who used crosscut saws and axes to clear the lump, modern lumberjacks use tools such as chainsaws, harvesters, and feller bunchers. Around the time of World War II and thereafter, logging camps were phased out, because new vehicles could bring loggers deep into the woods, so camps were no longer necessary. The nature of the work has been changed by the new tools for logging, and also changed and helped end the era of the lumberjack. They are stereotyped as having burly beards, and wearing long-sleeve flannel shirts, suspenders, and boots, along with a voracious appetite — particularly for flapjacks or pancakes.

Lumberjack Day timeline

The Word ‘Lumberjack’ is First Mentioned

It is first mentioned in Canada.

The Profession Grows in the U.S.

By 1906 there are 500,000 lumberjacks in the U.S.

The World Championship is Held

The Lumberjack World Championship is held in Hayward, Wisconsin.

The Name is Changed

Lumberjack Day is also called National Pancake Day and it increases the day’s popularity.

Lumberjack Day FAQs

Do I need permission to have work carried out on my trees like a lumberjack?

There are some areas where you do not need permission to work. However, it is essential to consider Tree Preservation Orders when planning some work.

How do lumberjacks live?

Lumberjacks live simply. The living conditions are also primitive since a lumberjack has to do his job in the forest.

Can a woman be a lumberjack?

Although this is not impossible, the fact is that great physical strength is needed to be a lumberjack.

Lumberjack Day Activities

  1. Organize a party for friends

    Lumberjack Day is celebrated by many people. Therefore, anyone would be happy to join you.

  2. Dress up in the lumberjack style

    The cliché lumberjack style consists of plaid shirts, boots, suspenders, and, of course, long beards. Do not be shy and put these clothes on!

  3. Attend a lumberjack party

    This day is widely celebrated in the U.S., so you will find a party nearby for sure. You can find more information on the official website.

5 Interesting Facts About Lumberjacks

  1. They are resistant to technology

    One of the most curious facts about lumberjacks is that they are resistant to technology.

  2. Man at the heart of lumberjack folklore

    Paul Bunyan is said to have cleared forests from the northeastern U.S. to the Pacific Ocean.

  3. It’s an entire culture complete with traditions

    Lumberjacks have their own jargon, jokes, drinks, and recipes.

  4. Lumberjacks do not earn too much money

    This job is classified as low-paying.

  5. Lumberjacks are independent

    The lifestyle of lumberjacks was and still is independent, and they feel proud of the work that they do.

Why We Love Lumberjack Day

  1. They are part of American folklore

    Lumberjacks are part of American folklore and culture. They have gained a mythological status.

  2. Lumberjacks organize big parties

    To celebrate Lumberjack Day, they organize big and crowded parties. Everyone at the party usually wears classic lumberjack clothes.

  3. Lumberjacks are resilient

    According to a survey by “Wall Street Journal,” being a logger or lumberjack is considered the worst job. The reasons are related to the danger, low income, and work instability.

Lumberjack Day dates

2024September 26Thursday
2025September 26Friday
2026September 26Saturday
2027September 26Sunday
2028September 26Tuesday

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