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ThuSep 26

National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day – September 26, 2024

National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day is observed on September 26 every year. This day brings attention to the tragedy of suicide. Furthermore, it aims to promote open a dialogue regarding law enforcement officers’ mental health and continue to dispel the stigma of getting help. Blue H.E.L.P created National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day in 2020 to recognize the issue, support the families, provide solutions, respect those who have died, and continue to raise awareness to end suicide. We must assure everyone that they are not alone.

History of National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day

According to a recent study, police officers have the most significant suicide risk of any employment. During their careers, those in the profession witness an average of 188 critical incidents. Although these experiences exact a heavy toll on law enforcement officers, many still do not seek treatment or help. Those police officers are five times more likely to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D.) and depression than civilians. Due to continuous trauma exposure and daily on-the-job stress, more officers die by their own hands than felonious attacks each year.

National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day was established to honor the service of officers who died by suicide while on duty and promote awareness about suicide in the law enforcement community. This day also reminds officers and their families that they are not alone and that assistance is available. It will also assist in reducing the stigma attached to seeking treatment and recognizing that one incident does not define a life.

On September 26, we highlighted initiatives bringing about good change and tools to assist law enforcement officers experiencing mental health issues. National Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day was created by Blue H.E.L.P., a First H.E.L.P. program (Honor, Educate, Lead, Prevent). Blue H.E.L.P. wants to ensure we focus on this issue and never forget that first responders should be honored for the service they gave to their communities, and their families are supported in the aftermath. We encourage others to seek help when needed.

National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day timeline

Blue H.E.L.P Starts

Karen Solomon, Jeffrey McGill, and Steve Hough start Blue H.E.L.P to address the issue of suicide and mental health among law enforcement.

Blue H.E.L.P Receives Their 501 © 3 Designation

Blue H.E.L.P receive its 501(c) 3 title and are now the only organization in the U.S. that collects law enforcement suicide data and regularly supports families in the aftermath.

"The Wounded Blue" Documentary Releases

This documentary is written and directed by Jason Harney and is about the stories of six police officers who inspired retired Police Lieutenant Randy Sutton's organization.

National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day

Blue H.E.L.P. creates this day to acknowledge the issue, support the families, and continue raising awareness to end suicide.

National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day FAQs

What is the rate of suicide among law enforcement officers?

Law enforcement officers are 54% more likely to commit suicide than all decedents with a usual occupation.

Where can we contact Blue H.E.L.P.?

You can contact this organization at

Why are law enforcement officers more likely to suicide?

Law enforcement officers often witness great human devastation, including major vehicle crashes, conflicts, homicide, suicide, domestic violence, and child abuse.

How to Observe National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day

  1. Tell others about the day

    Sharing a post on social media is an excellent approach to let others know about this day. You can draw attention to the rising number of police officers who commit suicide and the impact on their families.

  2. Participate in awareness walks

    Awareness walks are held in different parts of the U.S. The proceeds of these walks are used for the welfare of families affected by suicide. You can enter the official website and search for the nearest walk.

  3. Empathize and show that you care

    Increase public awareness of the rising number of suicides among law enforcement officers and emphasize the early warning indicators of suicide. Break the stigma of mental illness by educating people and letting them know they are not alone.

5 Facts About Suicidal Behaviour

  1. Severe sadness or moodiness

    Long-lasting sadness, mood swings, and unexpected rage are symptoms of suicidal behavior.

  2. Hopelessness

    Suicidal behavior is characterized by a deep sense of hopelessness about the future and little expectation that things will improve.

  3. Sleep problems

    Having sleep problems or insomnia is a symptom of suicidal behavior.

  4. Sudden calmness

    If a person becomes calm after a period of depression or moodiness, it could be a sign that he has decided to end his life.

  5. Withdrawal

    If a person suddenly withdraws from social life and loses interest in things he used to enjoy earlier, it could be a sign of severe depression, leading to suicide.

Why National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day is Important

  1. The importance of law enforcement officers

    It is a day to highlight the importance of taking care of law enforcement officers. Their primary and essential job duties often contribute to physical and emotional stress, which can compromise an officer's ability to serve and protect effectively.

  2. Encouraging law enforcement officers to ask for help

    Maintaining law enforcement officers' health and safety often requires a delicate balancing act. Continuous exposure to cumulative stress and traumatic events can wreak havoc on this nation's public servants' bodies, minds, and lives.

  3. Smashing the stigma

    Asking for help is essential when you are struggling. Some organizations' mission is to educate law enforcement officers and agencies to understand the causes of suicide better, recognize possible warning signs, and explore available resources for assistance.

National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day dates

2024September 26Thursday
2025September 26Friday
2026September 26Saturday
2027September 26Sunday
2028September 26Tuesday

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