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ThuSep 26

National Key Lime Pie Day – September 26, 2024

National Key Lime Pie Day is celebrated every year on September 26. It is a mouth-watering occasion dedicated to a relatively new pie variant with interesting origins. If you’ve ever wondered if the combination of key lime and pie would be delicious, you’ll be happy to know that it is a match made in heaven. Do you want to learn more about this delightful pie? Let’s explore its heritage as we mark its special day. Read on for amazing ways to celebrate this yummy holiday.

History of National Key Lime Pie Day

National Key Lime Pie Day is celebrated on September 26 every year. Key limes are smaller, rounder, less acidic, and more fragrant than their familiar cousin, the Persian/Tahitian lime. The skin of key lime is thinner and smoother. It gets bigger in the tropics and subtropics and is used in numerous tropical cuisines worldwide. Even though it emerged in the Indo-Malayan region of southern Asia, the key lime is also recognized as the Mexican or West Indian lime.

The pie gets its distinctive name from these small key limes, naturalized in the Florida Keys. Lime juice can be substituted for regular lime juice in everything, from cocktails to condiments, on chicken, and fish/seafood, in marinades, sauces, and soups. Key lime juice is also a dull yellow as opposed to regular lime juice. Combining the juice with egg yolks is what gives the key lime pie its yellow filling.

Botanist, Jack Simons, is credited with inventing key lime pie; however, contrasting reports claim that a ship salvager cook known as Aunt Sally created the first key lime pie. These ships would have been the ideal place to find the non-perishable ingredients used in the earliest recipe: limes, eggs, and canned milk.

Regardless of who the real creator is, there is no doubt about this pie’s credentials to thrill taste buds worldwide. It is only right that it gets a day all to itself, which is why National Key Lime Pie Day is so important.

National Key Lime Pie Day timeline

Key Lime Pie is Invented

Aunt Sally is credited with creating the key lime pie.

It Becomes Florida’s Official Pie

On July 1, the Florida House of Representatives and the Senate approve a bill designating the key lime pie as the official state pie.

Key Lime Pie Gains Popularity

Key lime pie gains popularity as a classic American dessert.

The Key Lime Pie Recipe is Published

Brown of Buffalo, New York, publicly releases a formula for key lime pie.

The Key Lime Festival

The annual Key Lime Festival is held in Key West, Florida.

National Key Lime Pie Day FAQs

Which key lime pie is the most well-known?

There is a secret recipe behind Macs’ famed key lime pie. Except for the whipped cream, the entire pie is homemade, including the graham cracker crust and the sweet and tangy filling.

Why is key lime pie the state pie of Florida?

Key West city commissioners overwhelmingly agreed to make the key lime pie the city’s official dessert. It’s not strange, considering that key lime pie is indeed the Florida Keys’ traditional dish.

Were key limes used as medicine?

Key lime pie, often called the pride of the Keys, started as a prevention measure for scurvy. In the 1800s, Key West’s sponge fishermen would often stock limes on board to prevent sickness.

National Key Lime Pie Day Activities

  1. Cook a key lime pie

    Recipes for key lime pie can be found on the internet and in cookbooks. There are numerous recipes with variations and ingredients to choose from based on your preferences.

  2. Experiment with new recipes

    You can also experiment with new recipes today. Experiment with minor changes or add your personal touch to make it special.

  3. Invite your friends and family

    The most delicious way to eat a key lime pie is with family and friends. You can invite a few over and make it a fun day of hanging out and eating pie.

5 Interesting Facts About Pies

  1. The world's biggest pie

    The world's largest pie measures a whopping 23,236 pounds and was created by 17 catering students at Stratford-upon-Avon Uni.

  2. They were invented by the Egyptians

    Pies, as we recognize them today, originated in ancient Egypt; such pies had all been stuffed with honey and coated in a crust crafted of barley, oats, rye, or wheat.

  3. Americans consume a lot of pie

    Every year, 186 million pies are marketed in food store stores in the United States alone.

  4. The most costly pie was almost $10,000

    The most ridiculously priced pie in the world, as of 2015, cost around $9,500 and was sold at the Lord Dudley Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

  5. Pies are soothing

    A survey found that 47% of Americans connect the term comforting with a pie.

Why We Love National Key Lime Pie Day

  1. They are delicious

    This day brings back memories of just how much we love pies. Everyone enjoys pies since they are simple to prepare and delicious.

  2. They look as good as they taste

    Sometimes dishes can be misleading from appearance to taste. But not pie, and not key lime pie.

  3. You can post it on social media

    Because not everyone is aware of the deliciousness of key lime pie, we get to publicize the pie and all of its benefits. You can also share your homemade pie recipes and photos on social media.

National Key Lime Pie Day dates

2024September 26Thursday
2025September 26Friday
2026September 26Saturday
2027September 26Sunday
2028September 26Tuesday

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