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WedAug 14

World Lizard Day – August 14, 2024

World Lizard Day is celebrated on August 14 every year. The day may not be a well-known one, but it’s still celebrated on local levels with schools, parks, and reptile enthusiasts being the main groups celebrating the occasion. Educational and fun events remain a staple of the holiday. Reptile enthusiasts use the internet to spread information about their love for the scaly critters. The day hasn’t been adopted by higher-level conservation organizations like the World Wildlife Fund (W.W.F.). Instead, it is mainly focused on awareness about reptiles as pets.

History of World Lizard Day

Like many odd holidays, the origins of World Lizard Day are unclear. Don’t let its murky beginnings dissuade you from celebrating this wholesome day though. The species is dying out worldwide due to ignorance and lack of attention. The day may be about lizards, but we can’t pass up on the opportunity to tell you more about reptiles in general. It’s the spirit of the day after all!

All reptiles are air-breathing vertebrates covered in scales, plates of bone, or a combination of both. Species of this family include snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and tortoises. All of these shed their skin and depend on the environment to regulate their body temperatures. This dependence on outside factors when it comes to regulating their core body temperatures means that reptiles have to find sun and shade in order to warm up or cool down. In areas that have colder winters, reptiles generally experience a period of inactivity until the weather grows warmer again.

Lizards are no different, which is why you see them sunning themselves in your warm garden or on the bricks that soak up the sun throughout the day. For pet lizards, staying warm or cool is a different matter entirely. People who own lizards as pets need to heat their tanks with heating lamps or pads without overheating the space. In fact, preparing and maintaining a tank for a lizard or any reptile requires a great deal of initial and continuous effort. Each subspecies of reptile has specific needs and preferences. It’s recommended that aspiring and even current reptile owners do research on exactly what their pet needs to be happy and healthy. Doing research before you buy or adopt a pet lizard will help you to figure out what kind of lizard would suit you and your budget constraints. This before you buy stage is crucial in ensuring that you make the right choice when it comes to being a pet owner.

World Lizard Day timeline

312 Million Years Ago
The First Reptiles

The first proto-reptiles evolve during the Carboniferous period.

13th Century
Frogs and Reptiles

The first classification system groups amphibians and reptiles together with worms.

19th Century
Reptiles in a Class of Their Own

Reptiles are recognized as a completely separate category from amphibians.

21st Century
Skin Trade

The lucrative trading of reptile skin results in reptile farms becoming rampant, forcing conservation efforts and heavy policing of these farms.

World Lizard Day FAQs

Why do we celebrate World Lizard Day?

The day is an opportunity for reptile enthusiasts to celebrate their fascination and share it with others.

What’s a good lizard for beginner reptile owners?

Bearded dragons and leopard geckos are two of the most popular beginner-friendly lizards to own. A bearded dragon is known to be one of the most outgoing and friendly lizards.

What do lizards eat during the day?

Lizards may not drink much water throughout the day. They have a varied diet that provides them with nutrients. This includes grass and leafy plants, small insects like crickets and beetles, and berries and seeds.

World Lizard Day Activities

  1. Visit your local reptile park

    If you want to celebrate the day but don’t have any reptiles of your own then why not support the local reptile park or farm. There will definitely be a fun and educational event being held, and you’d be supporting a local business.

  2. Donate to conservation efforts

    N.G.O.s and organizations like the W.W.F. are doing crucial work when it comes to rescuing and conserving animals and habitats of the world. If you’d rather see your money work on a small scale then why not inquire if your local shelter or park has any reptiles you can sponsor.

  3. Get a pet lizard

    We don’t suggest this lightly but if you’re reading this then you must love lizards! Why not start researching what it’s like to own one, so you can see if it’s something for you.

5 Facts About Reptiles That You’ll Think Are Awesome

  1. They used to be amphibious

    Reptiles actually evolved from amphibians.

  2. Most reptiles are carnivorous

    Only iguanas and turtles subsist on a plant-based diet.

  3. They’re not that smart

    Reptiles have about one-tenth of the intelligence you’d find in animals like rats, cats, and hedgehogs.

  4. Temperature determines sex

    The sex of reptiles is determined by the temperature of the environment outside the egg as the creature grows.

  5. Extinction crisis

    Nearly one-fifth of all known reptile species are considered endangered or dangerously close to extinction.

Why We Love World Lizard Day

  1. Reptiles need some love

    Of all the animals, reptiles are the ones that need some extra love and attention after all the years they’ve been misunderstood. Most people still view them as dangerous and cold creatures when that isn’t the case.

  2. They’re great pets

    Reptiles make for excellent pets and here are some reasons why: they don’t need training or regular exercise, they’re quiet, and are very low-maintenance. Most importantly, they’re interesting creatures.

  3. It’s fun

    Having an excuse to visit the reptile park or spend extra time with your own pet reptile is always a good thing. World Lizard Day is a fun day with no pressure, and we really love it for that.

World Lizard Day dates

2024August 14Wednesday
2025August 14Thursday
2026August 14Friday
2027August 14Saturday
2028August 14Monday

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