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WedAug 14

Love Your Bookshop Day – August 14, 2024

Love Your Bookshop day is celebrated every year on August 14. It is a holiday that was founded by the Australian Booksellers Association. The aim is to appreciate bookshops around the country and highlight all the things that make local bookshops beneficial. The day creates a national wide appreciation for books and encourages more people to read. Bookshops exist to serve knowledge to the public and that is a very important job. The more equipped bookshops are, the better quality of knowledge people can get access to. In a time when books can be ordered online, the local brick-and-mortar bookshop needs all the support it can get.

History of Love Your Bookshop Day

Love Your Bookshop day is an Australian holiday that is celebrated every year on August 14. It is an appreciation of the local brick-and-mortar bookshops in the country. The day helps to create publicity for the bookshops while encouraging more people to read. Reading is a very important part of a country’s culture. The education of the public is largely dependent on the type of books they read. The more people read the more people would have access to the information they need to do their best. People can apply the knowledge they receive from books to make better decisions in their own lives.

Some bookshops allow people to buy books and rent as well. You can sit to read in bookshops. They create the most conducive atmosphere for reading. Reading can be educational but it can be a fun pass time as well. Many people have mentioned reading as one of their favorite hobbies. Every book takes the reader on a very special journey into the mind of the author. People can follow characters in books and live vicariously through them. The best books simply paint the most vivid of pictures for the readers. With the use of imagination, everyone can fully experience the worlds that exist in books. There are billions of books that have been published around the world. This means billions of literary worlds are available to be explored. Books can be a very fun and safe escape from reality. People sometimes need to escape from their real lives for a few hours.

Love Your Bookshop Day timeline

1600 A.D.
The First Book in America is Printed

“The Bay Psalm” is the first book ever that’s printed in America.

Hardbacks Become Popular

Hardbound books became popular and publishers considered paperbacks to be of lower quality.

The Paperback Comeback

The publishing house — Penguin — helps to bring back paperbacks.

Books are Made With Computers

The invention of the commercial microprocessor makes the typing, layout, and design of books a lot easier.

Love Your Bookshop Day FAQs

What is the longest novel?

“À la recherche du temps perdu” by Marcel Proust is the longest novel ever written, with about 1,267,069 words.

Who was the youngest author?

“How the World Began” was written by Dorothy Straight when she was four years and three months old.

What is the oldest novel?

“Chaereas & Callirhoe” by Chariton is the oldest existing novel in the world, written in 123 A.D.

Love Your Bookshop Day Activities

  1. Read a book

    Take some time to enjoy a book. You can pick one from your favorite author.

  2. Visit a bookshop

    Visit a local bookshop near you and purchase a book. Extend your visit by finding a quiet spot to read the book you just purchased.

  3. Read to kids

    You can volunteer some of your time reading to children. They’ll learn something new and have fun doing it.

5 Interesting Facts About Books

  1. The oldest bookshop still operates

    The oldest operating bookshop in the world is the Portuguese bookshop Bertrand Chiado, which was founded in 1732.

  2. The biggest book weighs a lot

    The largest book in the world, according to the Guinness World Records, weighs over 3,000 lb.

  3. Warsaw has many libraries

    The city with the biggest number of libraries per capita is Warsaw, with about 11.5 libraries per 100,000 citizens.

  4. Overdue library books attract fines

    The largest fine for an overdue library book is $345.14, an amount which began as two cents a day.

  5. Some books are very big

    The biggest book ever published is “The Little Prince” measuring 7 feet high and 10 feet wide.

Why We Love Love Your Bookshop Day

  1. It encourages reading

    The holiday encourages people to read. In a society, the more people who read, the better educated they will be.

  2. It supports bookshops

    During the holiday, local bookstores are supported. In this way, they gain some awareness, which aids in the improvement of their business.

  3. It boosts morale

    Reading books is a very enjoyable experience. The holiday encourages more people to enjoy reading.

Love Your Bookshop Day dates

2024August 14Wednesday
2025August 14Thursday
2026August 14Friday
2027August 14Saturday
2028August 14Monday

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