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Navajo Code Talkers Day
WedAug 14

Navajo Code Talkers Day – August 14, 2024

Navajo Code Talkers Day, celebrated every year on August 14, is a day that holds great importance in the history of the U.S. This is because the day recognizes the contributions of Navajo marines during World War II. Yes, Navajo marines encoded and transmitted messages using a complex Navajo language-based code during a time when secret communication was essential to win a war. And guess what? The code was never broken by Japanese forces in the Pacific and proved to be of great assistance to the U.S. Marines. On this day, celebrate the great American heroes and their service to the nation!

History of Navajo Code Talkers Day

The C.I.A.’s official site has stated that Navajo was a near ‘perfect’ language that was used to create military codes. This is why it has been recorded in history and is recognized for its brilliance even today. However, the code wasn’t the language itself but was a communication form that was encrypted using the Navajo language. Since many people couldn’t decipher it, the code remained unbreakable throughout the war. It is this success of the code that is celebrated by Americans every year. National Navajo Code Talkers Day was made a legal state holiday in 2020 by Governor Doug Ducey who signed legislation to honor the courage of the Navajo Code Talkers and their critical role in the WWII victory. According to him, the Navajo Code Talkers are “American heroes.”

It all started in 1942 when the U.S. was fighting World War II in the Pacific and needed an unbreakable code to ensure the success of military operations. During this time, Philip Johnston, the son of a missionary who had grown up in the Navajo Nation, suggested using the Navajo language as a code. After this, there was no turning back and the U.S. government recruited over 400 Navajo men to serve during the war. The Navajo Code Talkers successfully transmitted more than 800 messages without error and helped the U.S. win the war. Hence, in 1982, Navajo Code Talkers Day was established through a presidential proclamation by President Ronald Reagan In 2014, Arizona passed legislation declaring every August 14 Navajo Code Talkers Day in Arizona.

Is there a Navajo Code Talkers Day?

The day is celebrated every August 14 since it was given a presidential proclamation in 1982.

How do you say ‘beautiful’ in Navajo?

The word ‘nizhóní’ means beautiful in Navajo.

Is Navajo a dying language?

Navajo is an important heritage language, with a rich history. However, it is not taught to the masses.

How to Observe Navajo Code Talkers Day

  1. Create a code of your own

    To have some fun and also realize how tough it is to develop an unbreakable code, try to make one of your own and use it with your friends.

  2. Watch a documentary on WWII

    To find out more about the war and why the efforts of each and every citizen are still applauded, watch a historic documentary.

  3. Read up on the Navajo Code

    What is the Navajo Code? How was it created and what were the words used? You can find out everything you need to know with just a little research.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About The Navajo Code

  1. Never broken

    It’s the only oral code in history that has never been broken.

  2. Terms created

    The original twenty-nine men created 211 terms.

  3. The code

    Navajo bird names were used and applied to weapons of war.

  4. First deployment

    The Navajo Code Talkers were first deployed to the Battle of Guadalcanal.

  5. Another Navajo cannot decipher the code

    Deciphering the code is not possible unless the Navajo is a code talker.

Why Navajo Code Talkers Day is Important

  1. It promotes the Navajo heritage

    The day is important since it promotes Navajo heritage, and also explains how different cultures and languages can prove to be beneficial in times of need.

  2. It recognizes the efforts of the marines

    During the war, the efforts of every soldier were essential for the survival of the state. This day recognizes the bravery and intelligence that was used to create the unbreakable Navajo code.

  3. It keeps history alive

    The day keeps alive the history of the war and the efforts of several communities who aided the United States in reaching success.

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