December 14th Holidays

We have 10 holidays listed for December 14.

December 14 is the 348th day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Alabama became the 22nd state in the U.S., Plutonium was first isolated, and NASA's Mariner 2 become the first craft to fly by Venus. Famous birthdays include Vanessa Hudgens, Jane Birkin, and George VI. December 14 also marks National Bouillabaisse Day, National Free Shipping day, National Monkey Day, and National Salesperson Day.

Monkey Day

We shouldn’t forget that we share a common ancestor with chimpanzees!


Halcyon Days

Indulge in some sweet remembrance today. Here are some ways to turn back the clock.


Martyred Intellectuals Day

Honor their lives and memory today — read, share, and amplify the stories of Bangladesh’s martyred intellectuals.


More Good Today Day

More Good Today Day is observed every year to encourage kindness and generosity.


National Alabama Day

Let’s celebrate Alabama the Beautiful today and remember what makes it so special!


National Bouillabaisse Day

Bon appétit! Bouillabaisse traces its roots all the way back to ancient Greece.


National Energy Conservation Day

The day is organized by India's Bureau of Energy Efficiency.


Roast Chestnuts Day

When they are roasted, the natural sweetness of the nut is revealed, delighting our taste buds!