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SatDec 14

More Good Today Day – December 14, 2024

More Good Today Day is a special holiday celebrated on December 14 every year in the U.S. The holiday aims to encourage more people to practice kindness and generosity. It reminds people to take the time to think about the people around them and help in any way they can. This day reminds people to focus on the positive things in the world. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. A small act of kindness can go a long way in making people’s lives happier.

History of More Good Today Day

More Good Today Day takes place in the U.S. every year on December 14. The holiday aims to help society by encouraging kindness and generosity. Doing good can refer to any gestures of kindness. It can be holding a door for someone, getting someone a cup of coffee, or just sharing a smile and being polite. Doing good can be a small act or a grand gesture. Either way, those actions have a positive impact on society.

Certain rules of conduct govern correct behavior among members of a particular social group. Every culture tends to write its version of the rules of behavior. These can be laws or traditions. Good manners have been in demand for many years around the world. Codes of dress, behavior, and etiquette usually distinguish social classes in a community. Good manners can be the codes of conduct that helps to preserve friendships and other relationships with people. The unspoken rules help to create a sense of peace and security. A person’s social skills, good manners, and etiquette intelligence allow them to succeed.

Adopting etiquette was a self-conscious process during the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century. People made an effort to acquire the conventions of politeness. They also adopted normative behaviors that symbolically identified the person as a cultured upper-class member.

More Good Today Day timeline

A Book on Manners

Erasmus of Rotterdam writes about "Good Manners for Boys."

Etiquette Letters are Published

Eugenia Stanhope publishes letters on etiquette.

18th Century
Etiquette Rules are Written

Philip Stanhope writes about the conventional rules of personal behavior in polite society.

19th Century
Etiquette Becomes Codes

Etiquette becomes a complicated system of codified behaviors that govern society's range of manners.

More Good Today Day FAQs

Is gossip good?

Spreading negativity about others is not a good thing to do.

Is apologizing good?

A gracious apology can go a long way in mending a relationship with someone and makes people feel comfortable with each other again.

Is cursing good?

Cursing is considered impolite in most cultures, so it is better to avoid it in conversations.

More Good Today Day Activities

  1. Be good and kind

    Take some time today to do something you consider good and be kind to people around you. It could make a big difference to a person or society.

  2. Donate

    You can donate to someone directly or to an organization. Giving is always beneficial to society.

  3. Share the holiday

    Share the fun, kindness-filled holiday with your friends and family. You can encourage them to do some good as well.

5 Facts About More Good Today Day

  1. Punctuality is good

    Being punctual in meetings with people is a way of respecting their time and being polite.

  2. Communication is important

    It is kind to make an effort to communicate clearly with others so there are no misunderstandings.

  3. Consideration is good

    It is very polite to consider how your actions affect others when making decisions.

  4. Kindness is strength

    It takes a lot of strength to be able to look out for others in the community.

  5. Greed is not good

    Being greedy can be detrimental to the person and the people around them.

Why We Love More Good Today Day

  1. It helps society

    Society benefits a lot from the efforts of this particular holiday. This teaches people to be kind, polite, and do good to others.

  2. It creates unity

    People bond based on similar values. This holiday brings generous people together for a similar purpose.

  3. It makes people happy

    The primary outcome of the holiday is a feeling of happiness for the givers and the receivers. We love anything that brings happiness to people’s lives.

More Good Today Day dates

2024December 14Saturday
2025December 14Sunday
2026December 14Monday
2027December 14Tuesday
2028December 14Thursday

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