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National Alabama Day
SatDec 14

National Alabama Day – December 14, 2024

National Alabama Day is on December 14 each year. There’s so much to love about this day. It’s a homage to Alabama — a state steeped in fascinating history that significantly influenced the course of American history and politics. Alabama, with its beautiful people, landscapes, food, and culture, fought hard to join the Union. The state epitomizes Southern hospitality and warm nostalgia all around. A special day for an incredibly unique place — here’s to you, Alabama!

History of National Alabama Day

We know Alabama as the heart of America’s Deep South. Yet, this fascinating region comes with a long and rich history — both before and after it would become part of the United States. Before European settlers arrived here in the 16th century, Alabama was home to numerous indigenous peoples. The Spaniards were the first Europeans to explore the region, paving the way for other European countries to arrive.

The 250 years that followed saw numerous battles for control of the area among the French, British, and the Spanish. These events would culminate into the American War of Independence. What’s more, the foundations of the cotton economy began around this time — an institution that would go on to shape Alabama society, culture, and history.

Before joining the Union, Alabama was part of the Mississippi Territory. Up until then, Alabama was claimed by the colony of Georgia. As pressure to create two states mounted, Congress carved out a new Alabama territory from the east of the Mississippi Territory. William Wyatt Bibb was the region’s territorial governor.

Within two years, the Alabama territory grew in population and economy. Petitions for statehood soon became louder. Alabama’s shift to statehood began at a constitutional convention that took place in Huntsville. Six months later, Congress passed a resolution on December 14 granting statehood to Alabama — the only state added to the Union that year. Alabama joined the Union a few months before Maine and a year after Illinois. The town of Cahawba in Dallas County was the first capital, and William Wyatt Bibb became the state’s first governor.

Much later, the unassuming town of Montgomery in Alabama would set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement that swept the rest of the country and the world.

National Alabama Day timeline

The Beginnings of Alabama

The Alabama Territory is born out of the eastern half of the Mississippi Territory.

A Territory Thrives

Alabama’s population grows exponentially.

July 1819
The Journey to Statehood

A constitutional convention meets in Huntsville to discuss statehood.

December 1819
Alabama Joins the Union

Alabama becomes the 22nd state of the United States of America.

National Alabama Day FAQs

What National Day falls on 14 December?

Alabama Day is celebrated every year on 14 December. On this day in 1819, President James Monroe granted statehood to Alabama, making it the 22nd state to enter the Union.

What is Alabama’s nickname?

Geographically, Alabama lies in the center of the southern states. It’s why people often call it the Heart of Dixie. Yellowhammer State and the Cotton State are some of its other names.

What is Alabama known for?

Alabama is famous for southern hospitality, football, and tea. It’s also rich in natural resources like steel and iron. 

How To Celebrate National Alabama Day

  1. Visit Alabama

    Celebrate the Heart of Dixie by paying a visit, if you can. Explore Alabama’s stunning coast. Enjoy Southern hospitality and food. Visit museums, look at beautiful art, and immerse yourself in its rich heritage.

  2. Play or watch some football

    If you love football, Alabama will automatically love you back. It’s the undisputed capital of college football games. Catch a game or play some football today to celebrate Alabama.

  3. Fire up those barbecues

    It isn’t National Alabama Day till you bring out the barbecue! Celebrate the day with a barbecue creation unique to the state — Alabama White BBQ Sauce.

5 Facts About Alabama’s Crimson Tide That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. They had a different name

    Not too many ’Bama fans know that until 1892, Crimson Tide was called “The Thin Red Line.”

  2. The story behind the “Million Dollar Band”

    The inspiration for the band name came from this press comment, “Your football is not very good, but your band is worth a million bucks."

  3. Bear Bryant’s mascot misgivings

    The legendary coach Bear Bryant never really liked the elephant mascot.

  4. Self-fulfilling prophecies

    After famously saying he would “croak in a week” if he stopped coaching, Bryant passed away 27 days after his final game.

  5. Rolling Tide outside football

    Originally a cheer made famous by Bama fans, “roll tide” can also refer to carrying on and showing excitement about life in general.

Why we love National Alabama Day

  1. Remembering history

    A day to revel in shared contexts is always a cause for celebration. Celebrating with Alabama not only recognizes the state’s identity but reminds us of the collective history that led to the creation of the United States of America.

  2. For the love of all things Southern

    Alabama is an outstanding state, and we love everything about it. It’s the perfect day to celebrate everything that makes it unique — sweet tea, barbecues, football, and rich history, to name a few.

  3. Any excuse to play old-time music

    A special day for Alabama also reminds us of good old country and bluegrass. It’s the perfect way to revel in America’s rich musical heritage.

National Alabama Day dates

2024December 14Saturday
2025December 14Sunday
2026December 14Monday
2027December 14Tuesday
2028December 14Thursday

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