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Nest Box Week – February 14-21, 2025

Nest Box Week is an annual observation that takes place from February 14 to 21 to motivate people to make nest boxes for birds. We are here to show you how you can enjoy the day the right way. Do you know that it has been almost 25 years since this event was first started? This is a step towards the conservation of birds. Many bird species have been on the endangered list. It is our responsibility to do something towards the protection of their habitat. On Nest Week Day you make wooden nests in your backyard or garden so that birds get a home. This also helps in increasing the number of birds

History of Nest Box Week

In 1932, Edward Max Nicholson, an environmentalist, organized a meeting at the National History Museum, London, which is how the Oxford Scheme came into existence. It was in 1933 that the name British Trust for Ornithology (B.T.O.) was born. Edward Max Nicholson was the treasurer of B.T.O. and the secretary was Bernard William Tucker.

The B.T.O. started tracking migratory birds by placing a ring on the feet of the birds. This was done to get insight into the routes and to understand their behavior and habits. There are two projects that the British Trust for Ornithology conducts for collecting information. The first one is the Constant Efforts Sites (C.E.T.) project which is used for providing information about the population and the survival chances of the birds living in difficult terrains and climates. The second one is the Retrapping Adults for Survival (R.A.S.) which is used to collect information on the birds that are classified as endangered species. The British Trust for Ornithology also has a bird reserve named Nunnery Lake Site which is in Thetford, Norfolk.

In 1997 The British Trust for Ornithology and well-known bird care company, Jacobi Jayne & Co. initiated Nest Box Week to motivate people to build and place nest boxes in their gardens to provide the birds with a welcoming home. This was done as a step toward protecting the bird population. Every year people celebrate this week by making or buying beautiful nest boxes for the birds and keeping them in their yard.

Nest Box Week timeline

The Oxford Scheme

Edward Max Nicholson holds a meeting and the Oxford Scheme comes into existence.

The B.T.O. is Born

The British Trust for Ornithology is founded with Max Nicholson as the treasurer.

The B.T.O. Moves

The B.T.O. shifts its location to Thetford, Norfolk.

Nest Box Week

Nest Box Week is created by the B.P.O. and Jacobi Jayne & Co. to encourage people to do their part in protecting birds.

Nest Box Week FAQs

How do you make a good nest box?

The material to be used for the nest box can be either wood or Woodcrete. Woodcrete is a material made from a combination of concrete and sawdust. You can use a water repellant on the outside if you hang you are to hang your nest box where it is exposed to changing weather.

Do all birds use nesting boxes?

Not all birds use nesting boxes — many species of birds make their nests directly on the ground. Some prefer to place their nests in tree branches and others in the reeds near water.

Are nest boxes a viable alternative to hollows?

Nest boxes make a good alternative to hollows in trees. It gives you a chance to observe birds in all their life stages in your garden.

Nest Box Week Activities

  1. Build a nest box

    What better way to observe Nest Box Week than to build a nest box for the birds and hang it in your garden? If you feel like building a nest box is too daunting, then you can also buy one at the store. The idea is to give a home to our feathered friends.

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know that you are celebrating this week. Take pictures of yourself with your nest box and post them on your social media page. You can also write articles about Nest Box week and post them online.

  3. Teach the next generation

    Teach the kids in the neighborhood about Next Box week and show them how to build nest boxes. You could even make it a competition with categories of prizes.

5 Facts About Birds That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. They don't have teeth

    Birds don't have teeth and rely on their gizzard for digestion.

  2. They were used for delivering messages

    Throughout history, birds, like pigeons and owls, have been used to deliver messages.

  3. They descended from reptiles

    It is said that birds descended from reptiles about 140 million years ago.

  4. They have big eyes

    A bird's eye can take up to 50% of its head.

  5. They have a fast heartbeat rate

    Birds can have a resting heartbeat of 400 bpm and 1,000 bpm while flying.

Why We Love Nest Box Week

  1. It gives us a chance to do something for the birds

    This day gives us a chance to do something for birds and the environment. Many bird species are going extinct at a rapid rate and many more are endangered. This is an opportunity for us to do our part in saving the birds.

  2. It gives us a chance to be creative

    This is a time to get together with your loved ones and let out the creativity and craftsmanship in you. Nest Box Week gives us a chance to work together with friends and family, which brings everyone closer.

  3. It makes us part of something greater

    This day makes us part of its aim — the conservation and protection of birds. It draws us into something more than the mundane routines of life.

Nest Box Week dates

2025February 14Friday
2026February 14Saturday
2027February 14Sunday
2028February 14Monday
2029February 14Wednesday

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