February 21st Holidays

We have 10 holidays listed for February 21.

February 21st is the fifty-second day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day Steve Fossett became the first person to cross the Pacific Ocean in a balloon; major figures in the Watergate scandal were sentenced to prison, and The New Yorker published its first issue. Famous February 21st birthdays include Nina Simone, David Foster Wallace, and Anais Nin. Today is National Sticky Bun Day.


Card Reading Day

The memories and sentiment linger on even with the yellowing of the paper.


Father Lini Day

Let’s learn about one of the notable figures in the history of Vanuatu.


International Mother Language Day

Appreciate the beauty and importance of different languages and cultures on this day.


King Harald V's Day

From his turbulent childhood to his refreshingly modern outlook, here’s the story of King Harald V.


Language Day

Let us all work together to save many of the world's endangered languages and historical heritage.


Language Movement Day

Let us explore how language became the identity of a nation and how it won freedom.


National Grain Free Day

Food for thought? Read on and find out more about the importance of National Grain-Free Day.


Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day

How much do you know about Robert Gabriel Mugabe? Learn more about him here.