Giveon Dezmann Evans, popularly known by his first name, Giveon, is an American R.&.B. singer and songwriter born on February 21, 1995. His chart-topping single ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ catapulted him into the limelight and he’s amassed a loyal following. He’s a talented singer and we’re celebrating his life and accomplishments today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Giveon Dezmann Evans

Birth date:

February 21, 1995



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Giveon's Social Media:


Giveon Dezmann Evans, popularly known by his first name, Giveon, is an American singer and songwriter whose talents have set him apart in the industry. He’s a Pisces, born on February 21, 1995, in Los Angeles County, California, and has two brothers. Giveon realized his passion for singing early and used to sing at birthday parties. He attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School and took a music program at 18 at the Grammy Museum. During this program, Giveon fell in love with Frank Sinatra and got inspired by his bellowing voice.

In August 2018, he released his debut single ‘Garden Kisses.’ Giveon was discovered by Sevn Thomas, a Canadian record producer who signed him to Not So Fast and Epic Records. In 2019, Evans released the single ‘Like I Want You,’ and in 2020, he was featured on Drake’s ‘Chicago Freestyle’ his first Billboard charting single. In March that year, Giveon released his debut E.P., “Take Time.” This E.P. topped the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart and received acclaim from critics. In October 2020, the singer released his sophomore E.P., “When It’s All Said and Done,” which debuted at number 93 on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2021, Giveon’s “Take Time” E.P. got nominated for a Grammy award for the ‘Best R.&.B. Album.’ In the same year, he made his debut T.V. appearance performing ‘Stuck on You’ on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Giveon is a talented singer and songwriter who’s worked with revered acts in the industry. In 2021, he and his girlfriend, Justine Skye, called it quits after 14 months together. Giveon is single currently.

Career timeline

His Debut Single

Giveon releases his debut single, ‘Garden Kisses.’

His Debut E.P.

Giveon releases “Take Time” as his debut E.P.

His Sophomore E.P.

Giveon releases his sophomore E.P., “When It’s All Said and Done.”

His First Grammy Nomination

The Recording Academy nominates Giveon’s “Take Time” for the ‘Best R.&.B. Album.’

Why We Love Giveon

  1. He has an amazing voice

    Giveon has an alluring yet soothing baritone voice. It’s won him the hearts of fans worldwide.

  2. He worked hard for his success

    He may be fairly new on the scene, but he’s already become a successful artist. This is due to his hard work — he’s always in the studio cooking up new songs.

  3. He appreciates the classics

    Not many young people appreciate the classics. However, Giveon does and was even inspired by the legendary Frank Sinatra.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He cheated

    Giveon allegedly cheated on Skye, which was the reason for their split.

  2. He loves interior design

    Giveon enjoys interior design and explores his talents as a decorator.

  3. He was raised by a single mother

    Giveon and his brothers were raised solely by their mother.

  4. He wrote stories

    Before Giveon wrote songs, he wrote stories.

  5. He loves jackets

    Style is very important to Giveon, and he owns several fashionable jackets.

Giveon FAQs

What is Giveon’s accent?

Giveon has a British accent.

Are Giveon and Doja Cat related?

No, they are not related.

How many listeners does Giveon have?

Giveon has now surpassed 33 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Giveon’s birthday dates

2025February 21Friday
2026February 21Saturday
2027February 21Sunday
2028February 21Monday
2029February 21Wednesday

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