Blanket Jackson

Prince Michael Jackson II, or Bigi Jackson, was born in La Mesa, California on February 21, 2002. He is the youngest son of famous pop star Michael Jackson. He largely lived a life screened away from the public eye, so not much is publicly known about the young media star.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Prince Michael Jackson II


Blanket “Bigi” Jackson

Birth date:

February 21, 2002



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$100 million

Prince's Social Media:


Prince Michael Jackson II, more commonly known as Blanket or Bigi Jackson, was born on February 21, 2002, in La Mesa, California to father Michael Jackson. The identity of Jackson’s biological mother is unknown, and he is allegedly the only biological child of the pop star. Jackson has two siblings, Paris Michael Katherine and Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson, whose mother is Debbie Rowe. Rowe has publicly denied being Jackson’s biological mother.

In 2009, Jackson’s father died in his Los Angeles home at the age of 50 years. His grandmother became his legal guardian at the age of seven, along with his siblings Michael and Paris. Jackson has expressed how as of recently, he’s been going by Bigi.

He loves movies and comics, saying how he was really into the comic book world. Jackson attended Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California. He started singing and dancing at age four, encouraged by his father, and is, by all accounts, rather talented. It is hard for him to escape the fact that he was supposedly Michael Jackson’s favorite child, and He also likes to travel around the U.S., which he has done extensively. He has a YouTube channel with 1.09k followers but has not posted much in the past 10 years.

Career timeline

Balcony Incident

When he is only nine months old, his father, Michael Jackson, dangles him over a balcony in Berlin, causing a huge social media controversy.

His Father’s Death

Michael Jackson dies on June 25 in his home in Los Angeles from a cardiac arrest.

He Changes His Name

Blanket Jackson legally changes his name to Bigi, using Blanket as more of a nickname. This followed reports of bullying.

New Year, New Guardian

Tito Jackson became Bigi's sole guardian, after their grandmother reached the age of 87.

A Rare T.V. Appearance

The 19-year-old speaks on “Good Morning Britain'' in an attempt to call on world leaders to take action on the threat of the rapidly changing climate.

Why We Love Blanket Jackson

  1. He loves movies and comics

    In an interview with E! News, Jackson greatly expressed his love for film and the comic book world. He even has his own YouTube Series on reviewing movies.

  2. The late pop star called him Blanket as a term of endearment

    Jackson’s late father once explained in an interview that a blanket is important. He said, “a blanket is a blessing, a way of showing love and caring.”

  3. He’s an aspiring environmentalist

    Bigi, formerly known as Blanket, made a rare television appearance in 2021 disclosing his concerns about the upcoming climate crisis. He urgently called on world leaders to take action in the footsteps of his late father.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His name is Prince Michael Jackson II

    He earned his unusual nickname “Blanket” because his father Michael Jackson would often obscure his face with a blanket in public to keep his identity a secret.

  2. The balcony incident inspired controversy

    Ironically, Jackson's father Michael was in Germany to accept an award honoring his lifelong commitment to helping children, but the incident prompted headlines worldwide about Michael's competency as a parent.

  3. YouTube channel with his brother

    In 2019, Jackson and his older brother launched a YouTube series in which they review popular films.

  4. The identity of his mother is unknown

    It has been made known to the public that Blanket Jackson’s biological mother was a surrogate and her identity is currently unknown.

  5. Multimillion-dollar home in Los Angeles at 18

    Although reluctant to be in the spotlight since the death of his father, Jackson has made headlines with the purchase of his six-bedroom starter home in Calabasas, Los Angeles.

Blanket Jackson FAQs

What is Blanket Jackson's real name?

Blanket was a former nickname, now going officially by Bigi Jackson, formerly born Prince Michael Jackson II.

Who is Blanket’s guardian?

His grandmother, Katherine, raised him due to not knowing his biological mother when his father died. Recently, his sole guardian was Tito Jackson.

How many children did Michael Jackson have?

Michael fathered three children, including a son named Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson Jr., a daughter named Paris Jackson, and another son named Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II.

Blanket Jackson’s birthday dates

2025February 21Friday
2026February 21Saturday
2027February 21Sunday
2028February 21Monday
2029February 21Wednesday

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