Rodeo Lil Bling Bling

The first child of popular YouTubers Baby J and Candy Ken, Rodeo Lil Bling Bling, was born on May 28, 2021. In just a few months since his birth, he acquired thousands of followers on his Instagram and TikTok accounts, where his parents post adorable clips of him. Even before he was born, there was much hype surrounding his impending birth thanks to his parents’ influencer status. He has become famous for his gender-neutral looks, which break stereotypes. Let’s celebrate the birthday of this young social media star right here with some great insights into his life.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Rodeo Lil Bling Bling


Lil Bling Bling

Birth date:

May 28, 2021



Zodiac Sign:


Rodeo's Social Media:


Rodeo Lil Bling Bling has certainly managed to set new records with his fan following. Born on May 28, 2021, in Los Angeles, California, he is the first child of the popular YouTubers Candy Ken and Baby J, who run the YouTube channel “The Unicorn Family.” He is of Austrian and Ecuadorian descent. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Lil Bling Bling was already famous before he was born, since his parents created an Instagram page for him a few months before his birth, inviting people to find out how far along his mother was. Then, in April 2021, his parents made his gender public on their YouTube account. His parents disclosed his features on his Instagram profile in June, shortly after his birth. Within a fortnight of his birth, he became the youngest TikToker ever. His YouTube name reveal video was streamed live, and his father engaged with viewers before announcing his name. His parents posted films on his social media account to commemorate the monthly anniversary of his birth as well as all of his key life events as he grew older.

Lil Bling Bling has amassed a popular fan base for his adorable cuteness and also for his gender-neutral upbringing. Often seen in pink clothing and accessories, he is leading his generation in breaking gender stereotypes, setting a new trend for babies to be dressed in a fashion that is not aligned with previously established norms. His popularity has also led him to endorse several brands, including Versace’s baby clothing line.

Career timeline

His Instagram Account is Created

A few months before his birth, his parents start an Instagram page for him.

His Face is Revealed on Instagram

A few days after his birth, his parents reveal his face on Instagram and YouTube.

He Becomes the Youngest TikToker

Lil Bling Bling becomes the youngest TikToker just a few weeks after his birth.

He Reaches 50,000 Followers on Instagram

In August, he thanks fans for helping him reach 50,000 followers on his Instagram page.

Why We Love Rodeo Lil Bling Bling

  1. He’s breaking gender stereotypes

    With his colorful clothes, which often do not adhere to his gender, he is breaking the stereotypes of children’s gendered clothing. He is often seen wearing pink clothing, and his parents defend his style too.

  2. He’s adorable

    Lil Bling Bling comes across as an adorable and happy-go-lucky baby who can win over anyone with his smile. With his antics and his happy videos, he has amassed widespread popularity among fans.

  3. He’s a fashionista

    Lil Bling Bling is often seen sporting outfits in pink, which are not only trendsetting but also establish his fashionable style. He can carry off the pink outfits and accessories with great style for a baby.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is named after a street

    Lil Bling Bling is named after his parents’ favorite street in Los Angeles — Rodeo Drive.

  2. His parents pranked fans about his gender

    Just a few days shy of his first month, his parents pranked fans and claimed that he was a girl and not a boy.

  3. He has a cute cat

    Lil Bling Bling is often featured alongside the family cat for photographs on his Instagram page.

  4. His mother suffered from postpartum depression

    His mother struggled with depression for some time after his birth.

  5. His first Halloween

    For his first Halloween outing, he was dressed up as the “Toy Story” character, Buzz Lightyear.

Rodeo Lil Bling Bling FAQs

Is Lil Bling Bling a boy or a girl?

Lil Bling Bling is a boy.

What is Baby J’s real name?

The real name of Baby J, the mother of Lil Bling Bling, is Jostasy Nick.

What is Candy Ken’s real name?

Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl is the real name of Candy Ken, Lil Bling Bling’s father.

Rodeo Lil Bling Bling’s birthday dates

2025May 28Wednesday
2026May 28Thursday
2027May 28Friday
2028May 28Sunday
2029May 28Monday

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