Cameron Boyce

Cameron Mica Boyce was an American actor born May 28, 1999. Boyce began his acting career as a child actor and is best known for his starring role in the Disney comedy series “Jessie.” As an actor, Boyce was talented. As an individual, he was full of life. His bright smiles, easy-going attitude, and bright-eyed nature endeared him to fans worldwide. He is greatly missed. Join us in celebrating his birthday today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Cameron Mica Boyce



Birth date:

May 28, 1999

Death date:

July 6, 2019 (age 20)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 7.2"

Net Worth:

$6 million

Cameron's Social Media:


Cameron Mica Boyce was a great actor and entertainer. He was born on May 28, 1999, in Los Angeles, California. Boyce was a Gemini, and of African-American and Jewish descent. He loved the theater and wanted to be an actor from a young age. He lived in his hometown with his family before branching out in his career.

Boyce made some television appearances in “General Hospital Night Shift” in July 2008. But it was in August that he made his debut in a feature film. Boyce had starred in “Mirrors” and “Eagle Eye” by Fall 2008. In June 2010, he played Keith in “Grown Ups,” and in April 2011, he made a guest appearance on “Good Luck Charlie.” Boyce was an adorable child actor, and by September 2011, he got his breakout role on Disney’s “Jessie.” Boyce starred in this series for four years. In 2015, he was cast as Carlos in “Descendants” by the Disney Channel. He reprised this role for the sequels “Descendants 2” and “Descendants 3.”

Boyce starred in more movies and projects, including “Runt” and “Mrs. Fletcher.” He was a kind, funny, and sweet child individual. He was found unresponsive in his L.A. home on July 6, 2019, following an epileptic seizure. Boyce was cremated, and his ashes are with his family. He was a generous and phenomenal actor who blessed the world with his talent. He shared his success with his friends and family, who miss him every day.

Career timeline

His Feature Film Debut

Boyce stars in the horror film “Mirrors.”

Grown Ups

Boyce plays the son of Adam Sandler’s character in the 2010 movie “Grown Ups.”

Boyce Stars in Jessie

He plays Luke Ross in the Disney show “Jessie.”

Boyce Is Cast in Descendants

He plays Carlos in this adventure-comedy film “Descendants.”


Boyce stars in the movie “Runt,” which becomes his last film role.

Why We Love Cameron Boyce

  1. He was a philanthropist

    Boyce contributed to fundraising for the Thirst Project. He helped bring clean water to underdeveloped countries.

  2. He helped in the quest to end homelessness

    Homelessness was another cause Boyce was passionate about. He helped raise money for the 2015 HomeWalk.

  3. He was a talented actor

    Boyce had the type of talent that cannot be taught. He was a natural-born entertainer.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He could dance

    Boyce was trained in different dance forms from ballet to jazz, tap dance, modern dance, and breakdance.

  2. He was in a music video

    Boyce’s earliest work was as the younger version of Ryan Ross in “That Green Gentleman.”

  3. He was supposed to be Hiro

    Boyce auditioned for Hiro on the comedy series “Jessie,” but impressed the casting directors so much they created another role for him.

  4. "Descendants 3" was released posthumously

    Boyce had already passed by the time the film premiered.

  5. He had a clothing line

    Boyce co-founded a clothing line, Archives, which was released posthumously.

Cameron Boyce FAQs

Did Cameron Boyce date Dove Cameron?

Both parties never confirmed their relationship.

Where is Cameron Boyce’s grave?

Although he was cremated, his death certificate cites the Forest Lawn Cemetery as his final resting place.

Who did Cameron Boyce move in with?

In 2019, Boyce moved in with his co-stars, Sophie Reynolds and Karan Brar.

Cameron Boyce’s birthday dates

2024May 28Tuesday
2025May 28Wednesday
2026May 28Thursday
2027May 28Friday
2028May 28Sunday

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