Elle McBroom

Elle McBroom is an American YouTuber born on May 28, 2016. She is known for several appearances on the family YouTube channel, “ACE Family.” She is the firstborn of Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz. McBroom is known for her cute voice and sweet face. She is quite famous and owns an Instagram page with over four million followers. Join us in celebrating her birthday today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Elle Lively McBroom


Elly, Princess

Birth date:

May 28, 2016



Zodiac Sign:



3' 9"

Net Worth:

$1 million

Elle's Social Media:


Elle Lively McBroom is a cute little girl known for her warm smile and affectionate personality. She is the first-born daughter of Catherine and Austin McBroom, the owners of the YouTube family channel, “ACE Family.” The channel is known for posting family-oriented content and pranks. McBroom’s popularity began before she was born on May 28, 2016, in Woodland Hills, C.A. Her father is a former N.C.A.A. basketball player, and her mother is a fitness model. She is a Gemini and of Panamanian and Hispanic descent.

McBroom first appeared on her family’s YouTube channel in 2016 in a video titled “OUR FIRST FAMILY HALOWEEN!!!.” The same year, she had her first encounter with Santa, which was captured on the channel. McBroom took her first steps in 2017, this was documented, and the video reached 10 million views on YouTube. The McBroom family’s YouTube channel has over 600 videos and nearly 19 million subscribers. Every important moment in their daughter’s life has been recorded.

In 2018, McBroom became a big sister to Alaia, and in 2020, to little brother Steel. McBroom is an adorable daughter and an excellent big sister. She loves her family and shares her success with her picture-perfect ACE family.

Career timeline

Her Debut YouTube Appearance

McBroom makes her debut appearance in a family Halloween video.

Her First Steps

The family showcases McBroom’s first steps on the family YouTube channel.

Her Instagram Debut

McBroom makes her debut on Instagram as a cute toddler.

The Sisters Photoshoot

McBroom takes an angelic photo with her baby sister, Alaia.

Why We Love Elle McBroom

  1. Her personality

    McBroom was able to brighten a room even before she could walk. Like her father, she shares his love of humor and intelligence.

  2. She’s a dotting big sister

    McBroom loves her siblings more than words can describe. She is very nurturing towards them and has been the light in their life ever since they arrived.

  3. She has the cutest smile

    McBroom is a natural in front of the camera. Her cute smile and adorable expressions have captured fans worldwide.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She just started kindergarten

    McBroom started kindergarten in 2021.

  2. She loves Mickey Mouse

    McBroom adores Mickey Mouse and has all of the toys.

  3. She has a dog named Ace

    McBroom has a dog named after the family.

  4. She has a juice company

    McBroom and her family own a juice company called Silly Juice.

  5. She loves Elsa

    McBroom loves to cosplay as Elsa from “Frozen.”

Elle McBroom FAQs

How old was Elle McBroom when Alaia was born?

McBroom was two when her baby sister, Alaia, was born.

What is Elle McBroom’s favorite color?

McBroom loves the color Pink.

When was Elle McBroom’s brother born?

Steel McBroom was born on June 20, 2020.

Elle McBroom’s birthday dates

2025May 28Wednesday
2026May 28Thursday
2027May 28Friday
2028May 28Sunday
2029May 28Monday

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