Jake Webber

Jake Webber was born on June 11, 1998, in Kansas, the United States. He took YouTube by surprise by becoming one of the most successful comedians on the video-sharing platform. He started on Vine but moved on to other platforms, including YouTube, where he started creating content and gained over a million subscribers over time. He is best known for creating humorous content, such as pranks, reaction videos, and comical skits. His videos started getting traction when he collaborated with other well-known YouTubers and social media influencers, such as Colby Brock, Katrina Stuart, and Elton Castee, to name a few. Let’s celebrate his special day here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jake Webber

Birth date:

June 11, 1998



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$5 million

Jake's Social Media:


Jake Webber was born in Kansas, U.S., on June 11, 1998. He comes from a family of six; he has two older brothers, Ryan and Reggie, and a sister, Jillian. His siblings often feature in his videos. His sister is currently busy with her own YouTube channel. His father’s name is Jack, and his mother’s name is Lora. He attended a local high school in Kansas and was into sports during his school days.

Like any other teen exposed to social media, Webber, too, dreamed of a life full of fame and comforts. At 15, he started on Vine; he created an account and uploaded content that was comical and relatable, especially to younger people. He reached close to a million followers just before Vine shut down in 2016. Fortunately, he had already created a YouTube account by then and reached close to a million views on his first video alone. 2017 had its fun and depressing moments — he got thousands of views for his videos, “Using a Fake ID (looks nothing like me),” and “Sledding Down Escalators With Sam and Colby.” He then reached a point where his content received no more than 50,000 views, so he targeted Instagram and received more than a million subscribers in 2019. Today, he has over a million subscribers on YouTube and is considered a famous YouTuber.

Apart from his busy life on social media and his continuous humor, he is a devoted Christian. Since 2019, he has been dating a social media influencer and Instagrammer named Tarayummy.

Career timeline

His Career Begins

He starts his road to fame by investing his time and efforts in content creation on the now-defunct Vine.

He Joins an Assembly

He becomes part of an assembly wherein members are allowed to meet social media celebrities.

His YouTube Club

With Vine no longer available, he starts uploading content on his YouTube channel, which was created two years prior.

He Gains Popularity

His popularity on YouTube sores after collaborating with renowned YouTubers like Sam Golbach, Corey Scherer, and Gabby Leblanc.

He Gains Traction

In all his years creating content, for the first time, he gains 4.6 million views on his video "Reacting to Funny Video Memes of Us w/ Roommates."

Why We Love Jake Webber

  1. He follows his heart

    He knew what he wanted in 2013, and went out of his way to make it possible to live the life he desired. Even when it seemed that he was losing followers, he never gave up and followed his heart and passion.

  2. He fights back

    There was a time in his career when he experienced what seemed to be an end to his dream. Instead of sulking and giving up, he continued to fight on with courage and improved his content. He responded with maturity and posed innovative content that resonated, and he received more views and an increasing number of subscribers to his channel.

  3. He is creative

    When most teens did not know much about social media, let alone create a career out of it, he had a dream with a plan. He posted creative content and altered the quality constantly to suit the liking of his followers, and became a famous YouTuber!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has work experience

    He has worked for companies such as McDonald's, Doritos, and Disney.

  2. He appears in a series

    He is part of a series titled "The Reality House" on YouTube.

  3. He is a singer

    Apart from his humorous content, he has also released an album titled "ANARKID."

  4. His merchandise

    He sells his own merchandise under the brand, No Name.

  5. He loves canines

    Of all the pet animals, he has a deep love for dogs and also has a pet dog.

Jake Webber FAQs

What is Jake Webber’s favorite thing to do?

He enjoys meeting people, especially his fans, as well as traveling.

What music genre does Jake Webber do?

He does alternative and indie.

How many songs has he released?

He has released 28 songs so far, most of which were part of the album he released in 2021.

Jake Webber’s birthday dates

2024June 11Tuesday
2025June 11Wednesday
2026June 11Thursday
2027June 11Friday
2028June 11Sunday

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