Garrett Watts

Garrett Watts was born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 15, 1989. He is a YouTuber popular for his D.I.Y. videos on his self-titled channel as well as his video series “Will It Combo?” Gifted with a great sense of humor, he shares life hacks, bizarre facts, and nerdy things in his videos. Help us celebrate his special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Garrett Watts

Birth date:

June 15, 1989



Zodiac Sign:



6' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$995 thousand

Garrett's Social Media:


Garrett Watts was born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 15, 1989. He has a younger brother named Andrew. He went to high school in Mesa, Arizona, and then studied filmmaking at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Watts signed up for YouTube on May 30, 2012, but did not post a video until October 25, 2012. His earliest videos did not include him but focused on Coco Peru (the drag identity of American actor Clinton Leupp). It wasn’t until a video called “Worst Girlfriend: Gaming” that he gained traction and a taste of popularity. Shortly after, the video “Coco Goes to Walgreens” was released. Watts introduced himself to his YouTube audience in a video posted on June 24, 2016.

Formerly a famous Viner, Watts began his successful series with the videos “Will It Combo?,” “Ice Cream Nachos – “Will It Combo?,” “Reese’s Pizza – “Will It Combo?,” and “Deep Fried Halloween Candy – “Will It Combo?” He then uploaded videos of his tiny house tours and gold bike trips.

In June 2016, Watts connected with his friend Shane Dawson, a YouTuber with approximately eight million subscribers at the time. As a result, he swiftly established a following on his YouTube account. After starring in many of Dawson’s videos, he continued to produce videos viewed by about two million people. In 2018, Watts’ channel gained millions of views each month with viral videos like “My Insane Tiny House Tour!” which had the most number of views on his channel. Since 2020, his videos have focused on his personal life, scary challenges, and vlogs.

Career timeline

His Self-Titled Channel

Watts launches his self-titled YouTube channel.

His First Video

He greets his YouTube audience in the video "WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL!" which is viewed by 401,000 fans.

His Most Popular Video

He uploads his most popular video "My Insane Tiny House Tour!" on YouTube, which is viewed by more than 7.7 million people.

His Video in a Haunted Hospital

He releases a new video titled "Overnight in a Haunted Hospital (DARE YOU On WATCH AT NIGHT),” which receives four million views and earns 214,000 likes.

Why We Love Garrett Watts

  1. He ignores what people say

    Watts is openly gay but he’s a straightforward guy who doesn’t care what others think about his sexual orientation. He says he proudly accepts what he is.

  2. He doesn't care about fame

    His loyal following of over three million subscribers is easy to understand. He's enthralling and has retained a sense of amazement for things that most of us lose as we grow older. According to his channel description, "I'm not concerned with celebrity, numbers, or ego. I simply want to have a good time with you.”

  3. He is a unique YouTuber

    Watts believes that conforming to others' expectations will undermine the reason why some people follow him in the first place because he is a "bit of an oddball.” He says the only reason he’s even remotely appealing to anyone on YouTube is that he doesn't care about a G-wagon or being in party vans in Vegas.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He made a wall of Doritos

    He produced a video of himself building a wall entirely out of Doritos in his studio apartment; the video received over three million views.

  2. He eats raw eggs

    He eats a wide variety of unusual foods like raw eggs.

  3. He lived in an old apartment

    He once lived with a group of friends he met on the internet in an old apartment building built in 1952.

  4. His first job at a haunted house

    He got his first job when he was 14, working in a haunted house as a scarecrow and impersonator of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

  5. He once ate cricket tacos

    He created a YouTube video titled "EATING CRICKET TACOS!" that showed him making tacos out of crickets.

Garrett Watts FAQs

What did Garrett Watts do before he joined YouTube?

Watts was a digital content writer for “Funny or Die,” a comedy video website.

Are Garrett Watts and Andrew Siwicki still friends?

Yes, they are; they have a YouTube channel called “Sweet Boys” where they air their podcast.

What merchandise does Garrett Watts sell?

Watts creates and sells t-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and similar items.

Garrett Watts’s birthday dates

2024June 15Saturday
2025June 15Sunday
2026June 15Monday
2027June 15Tuesday
2028June 15Thursday

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