Albert Spencer Aretz, a.k.a. Flamingo, was born on June 11, 1997. Flamingo is popular for his YouTube gameplay videos. His parents are Ronald and Nancy. Mary Kathryn Aretz is his sister. Flamingo had a YouTube channel, AlbertsStuff, in 2012, which got discontinued. Therefore, he created ‘Flamingo’ to share his work with fans through his Roblox gameplays. Flamingo’s YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers. Learn more about this exciting star as we celebrate his special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Albert Spencer Aretz


Mrflimflam, AlbertsStuff, Alberts

Birth date:

June 11, 1997



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$22 million

Albert's Social Media:


Flamingo was born in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, U.S. He has three sisters. His brother passed away in 2016. Flamingo does Roblox gameplays on YouTube. He once had a different YouTube channel in 2012. However, he could not monetize the content he made on it because he used inappropriate language. His current channel has over 10 million subscribers.

When Flamingo was younger, his family moved to Florida from North Carolina. He attended Suncoast Polytechnical High School in Florida. Flamingo worked at Macy’s department store for two days. He dropped out of college and became a full-time YouTuber. His YouTube channel ‘AlbertsStuff’ had plenty of cursing, a couple of racist comments, and inappropriate language. With ‘Flamingo,’ he switched and polished up his style. He now makes great Roblox content.

The switch enabled Flamingo to interact with a larger audience, including people of all ages. Also, he can easily monetize his content. Flamingo created many memes and moments and has become popular through them. His created characters include Still Chill, Earthworm Sally, Sammy the Strawberry, and spit noises.

Career timeline

His First YouTube Upload

Flamingo uploads “What is Flamingo?”

He Gets a Million Subscribers

Flamingo hits the one million subscriber mark on YouTube.

Flamingo’s Face Reveal

Flamingo reveals himself to fans in an upload.

The Roblox Video Stars Program

Flamingo joins the Roblox Video Stars Program; he is a top Roblox video content creator.

Why We Love Flamingo

  1. He makes us laugh

    Flamingo is funny. His memes, characters, and YouTube content always crack us up.

  2. He loves animals

    Flamingo owns two dogs ― Peach and Bedrock. He often uploads pictures of his pets on Instagram.

  3. He’s inspired gifts and merchandise

    His fans can purchase Flamingo-inspired merchandise and gifts. Independent artists post theirs on Redbubble, where fans can make a purchase.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has three cats

    Flamingo’s cats are named Kimmy, Leo, and Simon.

  2. He’s claustrophobic

    Flamingo dislikes enclosed or confined spaces.

  3. He’s gluten intolerant

    Flamingo suffers from non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

  4. He has another favorite video game

    “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” is Flamingo’s other top favorite video game.

  5. He skates

    Flamingo is a skilled skateboarder; he was recorded doing some skateboard tricks.

Flamingo FAQs

Who is Flamingo's girlfriend?

He is dating a girl called Kirsten. She goes by FoxKirsten on various online platforms.

What is Flamingo’s hair color?

His hair is brown. He often dyes it blonde.

How much does Flamingo weigh?

He weighs 149 pounds.

Flamingo’s birthday dates

2023June 11Sunday
2024June 11Tuesday
2025June 11Wednesday
2026June 11Thursday
2027June 11Friday

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