Dan Howell

Dan Howell, born on June 11, 1991, is a multi-talented individual who leaves no stone unturned. He invests time in what is important to him, like his YouTube channel. Howell has written several books, including “Sometimes Deceived: How Evolutionists Have Led Us Astray” and “Exploring the Body Machine.” Let’s take the time to acknowledge his life and achievements.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Daniel James Howell


Dan, Bear, Llamaarmy

Birth date:

June 11, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



6' 3.9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4 million

Social Media:


Daniel James Howell was born in Wokingham, Berkshire, England. His father worked at a departmental store, and his mother owns a beauty parlor. He has a brother named Adrian, who works as a lifestyle coach and has his own YouTube channel. When he was 16, Howell began working at Focus D.I.Y. and later at Asda to get some money for his hobbies. During his time working as a retail worker, Howell realized that he wanted to make videos and commercials of his own. So, after graduating from The Forest School in 2009, Howell began posting YouTube videos.

Even though his first video, “Hello Internet,” wasn’t popular, hundreds of people saw it, which prompted Howell to make more videos. While working on his YouTube channel, Howell got into the University of Manchester as a law student. A year later, he dropped out because he realized he was more interested in making and publishing videos. However, it took Howell until 2012, when he won a YouTube competition and was voted ‘Sugarcape’s Hottest Lad,’ to rise to fame. A year later, Howell had hit over 100,000 subscribers.

In 2014, Howell collaborated with Phil Lester, another YouTuber, and created a gaming YouTube channel, “DanandPhilGAMES,” which was a hit. The channel’s videos caught the eyes of Disney executives, who offered Howell a voice-acting role in “Big Hero 6.” In 2015, Howell released his first book, “The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire,” with rave reviews. Four years later, he came out as queer and gay on his YouTube channel and explained that he had been in a relationship with Lester, his partner, for over eight years. He further stated that he didn’t want to disclose any private details of his relationship with Lester.

Career timeline

His YouTube Channel

Howell begins his YouTube channel on October 19.

He Wins a YouTube Competition

Howell comes first in a YouTube competition and gains the public’s attention.

He Works with Lester on a Show

Howell and Lester host an entertainment show on B.B.C. Radio 1 titled “Dan and Phil.”

He Collaborates with Lester

Howell creates a YouTube channel in collaboration with Lester.

He Releases a Book

Howell releases another book, “You Will Get Through This Night.”

Why We Love Dan Howell

  1. He’s outspoken

    Howell does not believe in silence; if anything challenges his beliefs, he will speak up. For instance, he didn’t hold back from voicing his disappointment with society’s perception of feminism.

  2. He’s brave

    Coming out as queer, bi, or gay is not easy. But Howell was brave to come out and voice his gender preference openly. He knew he would be judged, but he was confident in himself.

  3. He’s talented

    Howell finds a way to use his gifts to better the world while still satisfying himself. With his talents, he has released books that educate the mind, and he speaks words that challenge the way a person might perceive the world. He's a go-getter and does not let any of his talents sit and rust away while he capitalizes on one.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He’s a feminist

    In a YouTube interview, Howell spoke about equality and explained that he was a feminist.

  2. He adores llamas

    Howell’s love for llamas inspired him to call his fans the "Llamaarmy."

  3. He loves football

    Howell loves football so much that he’s a Manchester United fan.

  4. He likes Kanye West

    West is like football and llamas to Howell.

  5. He gets his nickname from a movie

    Howell’s nickname comes from his favorite movie, "The Amazing Tour is not on Fire."

Dan Howell FAQs

What is Dan Howell’s favorite color?

Howell loves pink.

Who is Dan Howell’s favorite actor/actress?

Carla Mendonca is his favorite actress.

What is Dan Howell’s favorite hobby?

Howell enjoys singing when he’s not creating videos.

Dan Howell’s birthday dates

2024June 11Tuesday
2025June 11Wednesday
2026June 11Thursday
2027June 11Friday
2028June 11Sunday

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