Yaya Panton

Sariyah Yaya Panton, or Yaya Panton, was born on June 3, 2008, in the United States. She is a second-generation YouTube star, and her career began in 2017. Her YouTube channel, The Panton Kids, is followed by more than 2.82 million subscribers. The channel posts interesting challenges, toy videos, and more. She later launched her self-titled channel, which has over 1.47 million subscribers. Her content is fun, fresh, and entertaining. She is a talented content creator and amassed a sizable following across diverse social platforms.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Sariyah Yaya Panton



Birth date:

June 3, 2008



Zodiac Sign:



4' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Sariyah's Social Media:


Sariyah Yaya Panton is a well-known YouTube star and content creator. Her originality, personality, and interests have won her millions of fans worldwide. She’s a sweet girl who loves to be in front of the camera. Panton was born to Malinda and Don Panton on June 3, 2008. She is the first child of her parents and an older sister to DJ, her brother. Panton is of African-American, Jamaican, and Haitian descent. Her parents are YouTubers who run their family channel, Panton Squad.

Panton started her solo YouTube career in May 2017 with her family channel. A separate YouTube channel featuring Patron and her brother, DJ, was created in July. This channel, Patron Kids, has over 60 videos featuring pranks, D.I.Y.s, science experiments, slime reviews, skits, and so much more. Panton’s channel rose to become a central hub for kids’ entertainment. In 2019, she posted her most viewed video, “Dunk Tank Challenge Girls Vs. Boys.” The video became a smash hit and has been viewed by over 16 million people on YouTube. Panton currently has 740 videos and counting on her channel.

Panton is a successful child YouTuber who is just having the time of her life and giving the world an all-access ticket to the show. Her content is fun, inventive, and exciting. As a famous YouTuber with over 1.47 million subscribers, she shares her success with her family of YouTubers and friends, who often feature in her videos.

Career timeline

Her YouTube Channel

With the help of her parents, she launches her channel in May.

Her New Channel

She creates a fun content channel called “Patron Kids” with her brother.

The Dunk Tank Challenge

In one of her videos, “Dunk Tank Challenge Girls Vs. Boys,” her brother, and friends enjoy dunking one another.

Her Photoshoot

She creates a fun and creative photoshoot to mark her official teen year.

Why We Love Yaya Panton

  1. She is inventive

    She is an inventive YouTuber who often switches it up. From her looks to the content she puts out, she is constantly experimenting and isn’t afraid of trying new things.

  2. She is entertaining

    Her videos are entertaining and have attracted a wide audience. Her content is addictive.

  3. She is a loving sister

    She is a great big sister to her younger brothers. She adores everything about them.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She’s still at school

    She is a junior in high school.

  2. Her favorite color

    She loves the color pink.

  3. She has braces

    She got braces as a child, and still has them.

  4. She has another brother

    She became a big sister once again in 2021.

  5. She is well traveled

    She loves traveling with her family and has been to multiple countries.

Yaya Panton FAQs

How old is Malinda on the Panton Squad?

She is 26 years old in 2023.

Where is Don Panton from?

He is Jamaican.

How old is DJ Panton?

DJ is 11 years old in 2023.

Yaya Panton’s birthday dates

2024June 3Monday
2025June 3Tuesday
2026June 3Wednesday
2027June 3Thursday
2028June 3Saturday

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