Willow Sage Hart

Willow Sage Hart is an American singer and celebrity child born on June 2, 2011. Hart, like her mother, has a lot of talent. Hart’s career as a singer started in 2021, and she has been featured in many of her mother’s songs. She is an adorable child who wants to be just like Mommy, and we are in awe of her raw talent. So join us in celebrating her special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Willow Sage Hart



Birth date:

June 2, 2011



Zodiac Sign:



4' 8.4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Willow's Social Media:


Willow Sage Hart is an American singer and the offspring of celebrities. Her unique voice, raw talent, and sweet personality have won the hearts of fans, who want to hear more of her. Hart was born on June 2, 2011, in Los Angeles, California. She is a Gemini and has Irish-German-Lithuanian-Jew, Italian, Swedish, and Polish roots. Hart’s parents are very famous. Her mother is Alecia Beth, popularly known as Pink, and her father is Carey Hart, a professional motorcycle racer. Hart has a younger brother, whom she adores, and she goes to elementary school.

Hart’s career as a singer debuted in 2012 on her mother’s album “The Truth About Love.” Hart was only a year old then, and she played the bells. In 2017, she made her first vocal debut on ‘A Million Dreams’ for the film “The Greatest Showman: Reimagined.” In 2021, she was featured on Pink’s ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’ and made her TikTok debut singing the song on February 8, 2021, before its release four days later.

Hart is a talented singer who has a lot to figure out. Even as a child, she exhibits raw and untapped talent. And with her superstar mother’s skills, Hart is in line to be her generation’s best singer. As an adorable child, when she’s not singing, Hart spends her time cuddling her baby brother, Jameson. She is a great daughter and a better big sister. Hart adores her family and is always happy to experience music with her mother.

Career timeline

Her Recording Debut

Hart makes her recording debut on ‘The Truth About Love,’ where she plays the bells.

Her Singing Debut

Hart makes her singing debut in ‘A Million Dreams.’

Her TikTok Debut

Pink makes a video of her daughter, Hart, singing their song and puts it on TikTok.

Cover Me In Sunshine

Hart is featured in the song ‘Cover Me in Sunshine,’ along with her mother.

Why We Love Willow Sage Hart

  1. She is talented

    Hart’s talent in her vocals is undeniable. She took after her mother.

  2. She is energetic

    Hart has a lot of energy. She often expends some of it when she goes horseback riding.

  3. She is beautiful

    Hart is an adorable little girl. Her smiles, laugh, and voice are all beautiful.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Pink wasn’t sure of loving anyone else

    When Pink gave birth to Hart, she didn’t think she could love anyone else like her, but then she had her son and realized it was possible.

  2. She was Cruella for Halloween

    Hart dressed up as Cruella De Vil for Halloween.

  3. Her parents separated

    Hart’s parents separated briefly, but after their reconciliation, she was conceived.

  4. She loves princesses

    Hart loves dressing up as famous Disney princesses.

  5. She loves baking

    Hart loves baking cupcakes.

Willow Sage Hart FAQs

Was Willow Sage Hart in “The Greatest Showman?”

Although Hart sang on record for this film, she made no appearances in it.

Did Willow Sage Hart perform on The Disney Holiday Singalong?

Yes, she did perform in The Disney Holiday Singalong.

Does Willow Sage hart rock Punk hairstyles?

Hart loves Punk hairstyles just like her mother.

Willow Sage Hart’s birthday dates

2024June 2Sunday
2025June 2Monday
2026June 2Tuesday
2027June 2Wednesday
2028June 2Friday

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