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ThuMay 8

World Donkey Day – May 8, 2025

World Donkey Day is celebrated on May 8 every year. It is a day dedicated to recognizing the donkey and bringing attention to their many amazing characteristics. For many years, the donkey has been of great service to humans. All around the world, this animal has served as a beast of burden and mount. It has survived and thrived even in areas with harsh climates and tough terrains. Donkeys are known for their endurance and persistence. This makes them respected and loveable animals. Their ability to succeed is partly due to their stubborn nature.

History of World Donkey Day

World Donkey Day was created by Ark Raziq, a scientist whose focus is on desert animals. He realized that the hardworking donkey wasn’t being recognized for its efforts in building our society. Their input has improved the quality of life for people all around the world. He started by creating a Facebook group talking about the animal. In 2018, World Donkey Day was officially set up and it’s been celebrated every year since. Its purpose is to spread information about donkeys and how they impact human lives.

The modern donkey has two ancestors, both subspecies of the African wild ass, namely, the Somali wild ass and the Nubian wild ass. Current evidence suggests that donkeys have been working for humans for centuries. Donkeys are bred all around the world for their various uses. Donkeys helped build a society by providing energy before there was electricity or steam power. They can travel long distances, they are sturdy, somewhat self-sufficient, and they can bear some really harsh conditions.

These animals are respected and celebrated for their strength and diligence. They do not shy away from work. They are capable of pulling cargo for miles, which is where the idea of donkey pull carts comes from. They can work much longer and harder than most other animals. Their running speed can get up to 31 miles per hour. Their life span is between 50 to 54 years. They are considered a wonderful gift from nature. There are millions of donkeys all over the world and they have a significant impact.

World Donkey Day timeline

15th Century
Donkeys Reach America

Donkeys are brought to Spanish-held areas and introduced to activities there.

17th Century
Donkeys are Used in Ireland

Oliver Cromwell confiscates the horses so donkeys are used on the land.

Donkeys Become Pets

Donkeys are kept as pets in the U.K. and donkey sanctuaries are founded.

Donkeys are Bred in the U.S.

Owners of donkeys in the U.S. learn to breed and care for them while putting them in shows and parades.

World Donkey Day FAQs

Are donkeys used for tourism?

Yes. Donkeys are used in tourism. In Greece, the animal is used to carry tourists up steep steps.

What is a donkey sanctuary?

Donkey sanctuaries are safe places where donkeys live and are well taken care of. People can visit them and learn more about the animal.

Are donkeys helpers?

Donkeys have helped humans for years during times of peace and war. They are very hard workers.

World Donkey Day Activities

  1. Learn about donkeys

    Conduct some research about this strong and wonderful animal. They have many characteristics that you’ll be happy to learn about.

  2. Go on donkey rides

    You can have a lot of fun riding on the back of a donkey. It was a useful mode of transportation many years ago.

  3. Donate to a donkey charity

    A donation to an organization that cares for donkeys can help preserve the animals. It will help their species thrive and provide adequate care.

5 Facts About Donkeys

  1. Donkeys have great memories

    They are usually able to remember paths and places they’ve been before.

  2. They like safety

    Donkeys fear situations they consider dangerous and are usually very cautious.

  3. They are clean

    Donkeys like to clean and groom themselves because they like to look good.

  4. Donkeys like it warm

    The animal prefers conditions that are warm and dry like deserts and savannas.

  5. They can be emotional

    Donkeys form deep bonds and can become upset when a loved one is taken away from them.

Why We Love World Donkey Day

  1. There are different breeds

    There are over 186 breeds of donkeys that exist in the world. There are approximately more than 44 million donkeys that come in different sizes and shapes.

  2. Donkeys have great hearing

    Their big ears allow them to communicate and hear each other from far away. They communicate with one another by snorting, growling, grunting, and squealing.

  3. They can dig for water

    When in desert areas, donkeys use their hooves to dig the ground to get water. Other animals benefit from the water they create access to.

World Donkey Day dates

2025May 8Thursday
2026May 8Friday
2027May 8Saturday
2028May 8Monday
2029May 8Tuesday

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