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FriMay 10

National Public Gardens Day – May 10, 2024

National Public Garden Day is celebrated every second Friday of May and this year it will be marked on May 10. On this day, we get to enjoy the open sky above, the lush green grass beneath, and being surrounded by blooming trees. Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress, improve emotions, and lower blood pressure. As if we haven’t already experienced the surge of tranquility that comes with taking a deep breath in the open. The American Public Gardens Association (APGA) established this day to emphasize activities such as plant conservation, water conservation, green space preservation, and home gardening.

History of National Public Gardens Day

Who would have guessed that a garden could be one of the “Seven Wonders of the World?” But it was. ‘The Hanging Garden of Babylon,’ with its great diversity of flora, was the pinnacle of architecture and engineering. ‘The Hanging Garden’ is one of history’s most elaborate gardens. There is no clear source of garden origin. Early entries on gardens praise their beauty and flamboyance, implying that they were used to demonstrate riches, culture, and sophistication.

Open natural places, such as gardens and parks, have been a popular source of recreation and entertainment in recent years. Picnics, playdates, live music, theater, public gatherings, and simply sitting and enjoying a pleasant day are all common uses for these spaces. Private and communal gardens are available. Private gardens are attached to individual homes, whereas communal public gardens are shared by a community or assigned to a group of homes.

National Public Garden Day was established in 2009 by the American Public Gardens Association (APGA). Its goal is to raise community awareness about public gardens’ educational and psychological benefits. APGA highlights many programs throughout the year. Green area preservation, plant conservation, water conservation, and home gardening are among the programs offered.

National Public Gardens Day timeline

630 B.C.
The Japanese Gardens

After visiting China, the Japanese folks are highly captivated by their gardening style and begin to adapt it to their own nation.

30 B.C.
The First Greenhouse

The first greenhouse opens in Rome to cultivate cucumbers.

The $3.5 billion For Garden Food

Americans spend $3.5 billion on garden food in 2013.

The Space Lettuce

Lettuce is cultivated in space and has more nutrients than lettuce grown on Earth.

National Public Gardens Day FAQs

What is the difference between a botanical garden and a park?

In a botanical garden, various types of plants and trees with medicinal value are grown. While a park is an outdoor community garden possibly with children’s jungle gyms and swings.

Why is gardening important?

Gardening involves growing trees and plants. Gardening helps improve soil fertility and aeration.

Where did the word garden arise from?

The reference was first made during the Middle Ages as ‘gardin’ and the name was also used during the Anglo-French era. In ancient Germany, ‘jardin’ was used.

National Public Gardens Day Activities

  1. Help build a garden

    Or, better an already existing one. Volunteer to build and maintain a beautiful community garden.

  2. Tag a garden

    Geotag your nearby public gardens on google — and other social media platforms. These pictures might just motivate people to visit parks.

  3. Write about your special day

    Spend the day in a garden with your family, friends, or dog. Take some great photos and as you write about your experience, also share the photos.

5 Surprising Facts About Gardens

  1. It is alive

    A tablespoon of soil has more microbes than the number of humans on earth!

  2. They can hear you

    It is observed that when plants were kept in a silent room they grow slower than the plants kept in a room with music.

  3. Flowers that change colors

    ‘Hydrangeas’ will change color if the pH of the soil is altered.

  4. Tulip caused economic bubble

    During the "Dutch Golden Age," tulips were ubiquitous and their popularity and use soared to the point where they cost more than gold and were even used as currency — until the bubble burst.

  5. Cucumbers for the emperor

    The first greenhouse was created in Rome, and because the emperor desired fruit to maintain his health, an inventive method was devised to suit his requirements.

Why We Love National Public Gardens Day

  1. Perfect day for a picnic

    It is neither too hot nor too cold. Public Garden Day is a perfect excuse to start the weekend early with a picnic at the park.

  2. Chance to visit special gardens

    Various living museums display a variety of flora. Some of them remain on special display for the occasion.

  3. Digital detox

    Spending the day outside makes it easier to stay away from the virtual world. This day allows us to Excuse ourselves from the internet for some digital detox.

National Public Gardens Day dates

2022May 13Friday
2023May 12Friday
2024May 10Friday
2025May 9Friday
2026May 8Friday

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