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FriMay 9

National Provider Appreciation Day – May 9, 2025

National Provider Appreciation Day is on the Friday before Mother’s Day, May 9 this year. Childcare workers are celebrated on this day, including teachers, nannies, and caregivers, all of who are essential workers in helping working parents continue to provide for their families. The day focuses on building awareness of the holiday, thanking childcare workers, and showcasing their contributions to their communities. From a simple thank you and gifts to social media posts and hashtags, this holiday is deserving of our attention.

History of National Provider Appreciation Day

Childcare has evolved over time. In earlier history, the elders of the family would naturally take on this role. Childcare was a family institution and non-family members were not considered to be responsible for caring for the family’s children. The trigger for the change can be seen as a result of the wider impact of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s. This saw more demand for laborers and more women went to work outside of the home. In 1850, women working outside the home increased to 15%, an increase of 5% over a period of 10 years.

No individual or organization has claimed to be the founder of this holiday and there is no specific date as to when this appreciation day was created. Though it is believed that, in 1996, a group of volunteer childcare workers in New Jersey started it, to recognize those who work in this field. This team of volunteers wanted to highlight the good and positive impact childcare professionals were making, which was going unnoticed and taken for granted.

Many individuals and charitable organizations are working hard to have this day more widely recognized to bring awareness of the work involved in being a childcare professional. Today, child care is needed more than ever, with both parents going to work and both being expected to meet the ever-increasing demands of the workplace. We are working longer, in both work hours and years, with retirement extended into our 70s. Grandparents are no longer the go-to option to take care of the kids, as they are most likely also still working.

National Provider Appreciation Day timeline

Supporting Working Parents

Organized daycare begins in the U.S. as more parents go to work — this is one of the products of the Industrial Revolution.

Who Started this Holiday?

It is believed that a group of volunteer childcare providers started the holiday in New Jersey.

Internet Recognition

The earliest internet reference of National Provider Appreciation Day appears in an article on the Child Care Lounge website.

A Foundation is Formed

The Provider Appreciation Day website is set up to increase awareness of the work that childcare providers give, with resources to help them be recognized and supported.

National Provider Appreciation Day FAQs

Where can childcare providers receive support?

There are organizations set up to provide support for providers throughout the year like the Provider Appreciation Day organization and Childcare Providers Coalition of Kansas (CCPC). Organizations like these help with the pressures childcare providers face and help them receive the recognition they deserve as an important part of society’s infrastructure.

How do you find a quality childcare professional?

With so many childcare service providers available, choosing a good one can get very overwhelming. There are many agencies that have experience in hiring childcare professionals for schools, nurseries, and families. There are many online resources to gather information from, but a referral from other parents is always a good way to get reassurance that the person or agency has a good working history.

Do you need to have specific qualifications to be a childcare professional?

Depending on the type of childcare service you want to work in, qualifications vary. For example, the qualifications needed for a teacher vary from state to state and country to country. To be a nanny, there are no formal qualifications required, however, it’s helpful to be certified in first aid and CPR, as well as a certain amount of years of experience depending on the organization or family. There’s a lot of information online for you to consider all your options and the necessary requirements.

How to Observe National Provider Appreciation Day

  1. Say thank you

    Simply saying thank you as a mark of appreciation to a childcare professional can make a big impact. It can be a thankless job being a carer who could be supporting those with physical- and mental disabilities as well as children. Send a thank you card, a video message, or even treat a carer you know to coffee or meal.

  2. Gifting time

    Carers, especially those who care for family members, tend to have little time for themselves. Offering them as little as an hour to indulge in some personal time, can be better than any material gift you can offer a carer.

  3. Treat boxes

    Create or buy a box filled with treats a carer will love. Many businesses are willing to donate and give discounts, gift cards, or products to great causes such as this. Even pampering care at home or through retail therapy can relieve the pressures of working in the child care sector.

5 Reasons Why Childcare Providers Are Pillars Of The Community

  1. A wide range of recognized professionals

    National Provider Appreciation Day covers many child care professionals such as teachers, nannies, and caregivers — they are known as child-raising partners.

  2. Extended parenting

    Childcare providers’ responsibilities are increasing more and more as parents have more demanding jobs — this includes cooking, cleaning, and teaching.

  3. Social campaigns

    Many social media platforms are used to increase awareness of caregivers — posts are mainly about expressions of gratitude, explaining the work they do, and sharing the associated social badges and hashtags.

  4. Removing gender barriers

    A role that has usually been associated with women, more men are moving into, and are needed for, this field of work.

  5. A positive impact

    Studies have shown that child-care-provider interactions boost a child’s language-, emotional-, and early-learning development, as well as later educational achievements.

Why we love National Provider Appreciation Day

  1. Appreciating carers

    Carers are essential to many agencies and families who need someone to help take care of children, including loved ones with physical and mental disabilities. These unsung heroes deal with varying challenges that involve caring for and educating children.

  2. Supporting parents

    We cannot forget those who work on a part-time basis to care for children, giving parents and the main care provider some much-needed rest. Childcare providers who provide rest breaks are just as crucial in offering support to parents — whether it’s a few hours or a few days, these rest periods are sometimes few and far between

  3. Maintaining funding

    Increasing awareness ensures that childcare providers can continue to offer their services. Many of the organizations that childcare providers work for are nonprofit or are government-funded. They heavily rely on fundraising events and donations from members of the public and local businesses for education programs and transportation for those who need it.

National Provider Appreciation Day dates

2022May 6Friday
2023May 12Friday
2024May 10Friday
2025May 9Friday
2026May 8Friday

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