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National Wildlife Week – April 5-9, 2025

Understanding and valuing nature and all that it has to offer is a character quality we cherish at National Today, especially during National Wildlife Week that takes place from April 5–9 this year. From providing us with multiple food sources to medicinal properties and a flourishing planet to live on, Mother Nature has continued to bless us with the best of the best. However, factors like rapid globalization and industrialization have put an unnecessary strain on the planet resulting in many dangers like climate change, new diseases, extinctions, etc. National Wildlife Week aims to raise awareness about said issues through discussions, campaigns, donations, and such. Just some years shy of celebrating 100 years of National Wildlife Week, the first National Wildlife week was celebrated back in 1938

History of National Wildlife Week

National Wildlife Week was first celebrated back in 1938 by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). The organization was established in 1936 to unite dedicated individuals from all walks of life, who wanted to work for the betterment of wildlife. Over the years, actors, writers, and politicians have contributed to the cause. 

Ding Darling, the founder of NWF, met with President Franklin Roosevelt during an official meeting in 1936. The meeting resulted in the commemoration of Wildlife Week with official stamps for the occasion being exchanged and recognized. Initially, National Wildlife Week was called National Wildlife Restoration Week, and it is the longest-running educational program that the NWF has created. Each year, a new theme is decided upon and fun activities and informative materials are made available to the masses accordingly. 

Over the years, people have actively participated in National Wildlife Week to bring awareness about the various topics it covers. Children can also approach their state’s/county’s elected officials to help organize campaigns. Legislations and acts have also been passed in honor of the week. Overall, National Wildlife Week has been achieving new goals each year but, still, much work needs to be done for a better life for our wildlife in the long run.

National Wildlife Week timeline

NWF Created

Ding Darling creates NWF not only for the welfare of wildlife but also to curb deforestation that led to climate change and the extinction of various species.

National Wildlife Life Week Celebrated

After a meeting with President Roosevelt, Darling commemorates the first National Wildlife Week.

NWF’s Ranger Rick Born

The first cartoon mascot for the NWF’s campaign is made, named Ranger Rick.

American Wildlife Faces Extinction

A report titled ‘Reversing America’s Wildlife Crisis: Securing the Future of Our Fish and Wildlife’ states that about one-third of the American wildlife population faces an increased risk of extinction.

National Wildlife Week FAQs

Why was National Wildlife Week’s name changed from National Wildlife Restoration Week?

The former name was not only longer and harder to remember, but it also restricted certain activities during the week. The newer name was shorter and easier to remember whilst also encompassing the different types of activities for the week like restorations, appreciation campaigns, etc. 


What’s an example of a famous personality taking part in NFW? 

Walt Disney was an honorary chair at NFW for several years. Starting from 1956 to 1964, Disney also appeared in several PSAs talking about wildlife preservation and welfare. 


I live outside of the U.S.A., how should I celebrate National Wildlife Week? 

You can look up the dates for when the country you are residing in celebrates its own Wildlife Day or Week. For instance, in India, National Wildlife Week is commemorated from October 2–8. If your country does not celebrate a National Wildlife Week/Day, you can submit a petition to your local authorities to get the celebrations underway. 

National Wildlife Week Activities

  1. Visit the NWF website to learn more

    One of the best ways to celebrate National Wildlife Week is to follow the guidelines and programs the NWF lists on its website. From donations, educational activities, and signing acts, to finding out about your own state’s endangered species, there’s a ton you could do for wildlife.

  2. Spread awareness on social media

    One of the best ways to spread the word around is using social media. Use your social media pages to promote National Wildlife Week and the NWF’s goals. You can employ hashtags or share pictures/videos related to the week. Get talking with your friends and family near and far.

  3. Make a solid resolution

    Come up with plans to help nature more during other weeks of the year and not just during National Wildlife Week. Nature/wildlife needs our attention 24/7 as we are its constant inhabitants. This is the only home we have and we must do more to protect it.

5 Facts About Extinction That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Humans cause extinction

    Endangered wildlife species are 100 times more in danger of extinction due to humans.

  2. Humans have doubled, animals have halved

    Since 1970, the wildlife population has halved in numbers, while the human population has doubled.

  3. Sixth mass extinction happening now

    The dinosaurs being destroyed was the fifth mass extinction of planet earth and, right now, the sixth mass extinction is underway due to overt human intervention.

  4. Nature’s extinction is normal

    Extinction is a natural process and it occurs every year with one in five species becoming extinct naturally.

  5. Human-caused extinction is unnatural

    While nature’s extinction rates only amount to one in five species, extinction rates due to humans have gone up by 1,000 to 10,000 times.

Why We Love National Wildlife Week

  1. It’s a celebration of nature

    The earth is the only home that humans know, and it is due to the planet’s flora and fauna that we are able to live our lives happily here. If we do not take care of nature, we would be doing injustice to our future generations as well as to the rest of the species who call earth their home.

  2. It’s a celebration of perseverance

    Many challenges need to be overcome to preserve and protect wildlife. Several times over the decades, world leaders have attended meetings to come up with a solid resolution to combat pollution problems. These meetings often bear fruitless results. Yet, there are nature warriors all over the world who are still fighting for what’s right and not giving up.

  3. It’s a celebration of nature’s gifts

    Nature has countless hidden gems, many of which have been discovered by humans, but several remain undiscovered even today. There’s a potential of finding a cure for diseases like cancer, AIDS, etc. in nature. Therefore, we should strive to not only protect nature’s gifts but also appreciate them.

National Wildlife Week dates

2025April 5Saturday
2026April 5Sunday
2027April 5Monday
2028April 5Wednesday
2029April 5Thursday

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