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International Day of Conscience – April 5, 2025

We observe the International Day of Conscience every April 5. It is a day started by the United Nations General Assembly commemorating the importance of the human conscience. The human conscience is an important intellectual quality that differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. The human mind is an amazing and complex unit, and the human conscience is even more so. This is a day to promote the importance of self-reflection and doing the right thing. This day also helps to improve society’s collective good by identifying the corrections that need to be done.

History of International Day of Conscience

Conscience is a challenging and complex concept. It can be generally described as a person’s moral sense of right and wrong. It is also a guide to one’s behavior. The personal ethics a person keeps to not steal from another or not cheat on an exam is a good example of conscience. In simple terms, it is the knowledge about ourselves.

His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain, sponsored an initiative on the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly. The initiative was to designate April 5 as an International Day of Conscience. The assembly adopted the resolution and titled it ‘Promoting the Culture of Peace with Love and Conscience.’ This resolution invites people to build a culture of peace with love and conscience as per their personal situation and culture.

The day has an open-minded approach that is acceptable for people all over the world to promote peace and love. Peace is not just the absence of violence and conflicts; it is also a state of continuous evolution by incorporating the principles of justice, development, and good governance. Conscience can help people realize this and create better bonds with people and the environment around them. It can also create a sense of righteousness and help create better connections between nations.

International Day of Conscience timeline

3000 Years Ago
The Description in Vedas

Vedic texts describe conscience as the knowledge of good and evil that a soul acquires over many lifetimes.

563 B.C. to 483 B.C.
The Description in Buddhism

Buddha associates conscience with a pure heart, a calm mind, and compassion.

161 A.D. to 180 A.D.
The Description in Rome

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius connects conscience with the human capacity to live by rational principles of the universe.

Martha Stout’s Definition

The psychologist Martha Stout defines conscience as an intervening sense of obligation based on our emotional attachments.

International Day of Conscience FAQs

What is a lack of conscience?

People with personality disorders exclude themselves from the needs and concerns of other people, and this is often interpreted as a lack of moral conscience.

What is the purpose of consciousness?

Evolutionary speaking, conscience drives us towards what we consider right and away from what we consider wrong.

Does everyone have a conscience?

Most people have a general sense of right and wrong and understand how their actions affect others.

How to Observe International Day of Conscience

  1. Read about conscience

    Conscience is a complex term. Use this day to read and understand the concepts of conscience in different scenarios and areas.

  2. Join a group discussion

    Join a group discussion on the topic. Discuss various iterations of conscience in different schools of thought.

  3. Think about it

    Take your time to think deeply about conscience. The more you think, the more you will learn.

5 Amazing Facts About The Brain

  1. It takes 25 years to fully develop

    The human brain takes around 25 years to form fully.

  2. The speed of thought

    The information inside the brain is transmitted through neurons as electrical signals at around 268 miles per hour.

  3. We use more than 10%

    It was confirmed that we use most of our brains, “we only use 10% of our brain” is a myth.

  4. Grain sized information

    A piece of the brain the size of a grain of sand contains as many as 100,000 neurons and one billion synapses.

  5. It generates 23 watts of power

    The human brain can generate around 23 watts of power.

Why International Day of Conscience is Important

  1. A day to better understand us

    Conscience is a person’s subjective moral sense that helps him decide right and wrong. By learning more about conscience, we can improve ourselves as better people with a better conscience.

  2. Corrective actions

    Understanding our conscience is essential. Today people hear a lot about conscience, resulting in discussion and corrective actions if needed.

  3. Understanding the morals

    Morals are a subjective matter. Each individual will find their morals to be superior and right. Exploring conscience can help us understand the points in other people’s morals.

International Day of Conscience dates

2025April 5Saturday
2026April 5Sunday
2027April 5Monday
2028April 5Wednesday
2029April 5Thursday

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