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SunApr 6

Good Deeds Day – April 6, 2025

Good Deeds Day takes place annually on a chosen Sunday in April — this year, it falls onApril 6. This initiative seeks to promote people giving back to their community however they can. You can volunteer, donate to a charity, or help people in your area whichever way you see fit. The beauty of Good Deeds Day is that there’s no set way to celebrate it. The goal is to help others and do good for your community, fostering a sense of kindness and compassion around us. Acts of charity are never forgotten by their recipients. Spread the love on this holiday.

History of Good Deeds Day

Good Deeds Day is the brainchild of Shari Arison, a U.S.-born Israeli businesswoman, and philanthropist. She came up with this holiday in 2007 to serve as an example to others. By going out of our way to do good deeds, we can inspire others into doing the same. This simple principle has proven successful, as each year, more people have joined this noble cause. Good Deeds Day is run by Ruach Tova, which is Hebrew for ‘Good Spirit.’ Ruach Tova is a non-profit organization promoting volunteer work in Israel. It’s part of the Ted Arison Family Foundation — the group’s philanthropic branch.

The importance of doing good cannot be stressed enough. We live in a world with increasingly polarized relations between the haves and the have-nots. It’s our responsibility to bridge this gap in whatever way we can. One act of kindness can make all the difference in a person’s life, and drive them to help others whenever they are in a position to do so. Good Deeds Day takes this mission to a global scale, involving millions of people and thousands of organizations that dedicate themselves to helping those who can’t help themselves. There’s no greater service for a human being than uplifting their fellow man, and that’s what this holiday is all about.

Through its network of volunteers, event organizers, and resource mobilizers, Good Deeds Day raises awareness of the power of charity work and community development efforts. The movement continues to grow and the future of this holiday grows ever brighter.

Good Deeds Day timeline

The First Good Deeds Day

The first Good Deeds Day celebration takes place in Israel, with about 7,000 volunteers participating.

Good Deeds Day Goes Global

Good Deeds Day is celebrated in over 10 cities worldwide.

Partnership with MTV Global

The holiday lands in Europe, partnering with MTV Global to reach an audience of more than 24 million people.

Partnership with the ABC Network

The holiday kicks off with ABC in New York City, roping in 16,000 volunteers from 50 different countries.

The Largest Good Deeds Day Gathering

About four million volunteers from over 100 countries participate in Good Deeds Day — the largest gathering to date.

Good Deeds Day FAQs

What are some secret good deeds?

Some secret good deeds are — anonymous donations, saving electricity by unplugging unused devices, and helping friends in need.

Do good deeds to others benefit us??

Certainly, random acts of kindness lead to a happier, more wholesome world.

What Is the importance of good deeds?

Good deeds inspire and encourage others to be better people.

How to Observe Good Deeds Day

  1. Volunteer at an organization of your choice

    It could be a soup kitchen, a daycare, or a charity organization. Volunteering your time is a simple but kind way to give back to society.

  2. Engage in youth mentorship

    Children are the future. When you mentor the youth, you’re doing your part to ensure that the next generation values good deeds.

  3. Help out a stranger in need

    Help an elderly person cross the street. Buy groceries for a struggling family. Buy a homeless person a hot meal. Even the smallest acts of philanthropy make a difference in someone’s life.

5 Great Facts About Good Deeds

  1. Doing good helps to manage stress

    Giving back to the community lowers the risk of developing hypertension by up to 40%.

  2. Charitable acts make you live longer

    People who offer aid to friends and family members have a lower risk of dying early.

  3. The helper’s high

    When you do good, your brain releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that light up your brain’s pleasure centers.

  4. Good deeds affect mental health positively

    Volunteering is good for your mental health because it induces satisfaction in life and a sense of well-being.

  5. Good Samaritans are happier workers

    People who do good deeds are less likely to quit their jobs and more likely to commit to their profession.

Why Good Deeds Day is Important

  1. It encourages others to do better

    When you do a good deed, you encourage others to do well too. On Good Deeds Day, we pay it forward and our kind acts inspire others to emulate us.

  2. It feels good to do good

    When you help those in need, you get a sense of accomplishment and belonging. That’s something worth celebrating.

  3. It recognizes and includes everyone

    On Good Deeds Day, no act of kindness is too big or too small. So long as you’re helping those in need, you’re doing your part to make this world a better place.

Good Deeds Day dates

2022April 3Sunday
2023April 16Sunday
2024April 14Sunday
2025April 6Sunday
2026April 5Sunday

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