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Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women Day – April 5, 2024

Accelerate A.C.L. Awareness Among Young Women Day (A.A.A.Y.W. Day) is observed annually on April 5. It is aimed at raising awareness among parents, coaches, educators, and young women on how to prevent and treat A.C.L. injuries. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (A.C.L.) is a ligament in the knee joint that prevents the tibia from sliding out in front of the femur, as well as provides rotational movement to the knee. According to several studies, women have a higher incidence of A.C.L. injury than men.

History of Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women Day

The A.C.L., which stands for ‘anterior cruciate ligament,’ is one of the ligaments in the human knee that prevents the tibia from sliding out in front of the femur. In the knee, there are three bones that meet to form a joint: the femur (thighbone), the shinbone (tibia), and the kneecap (patella). These bones are connected to one another by ligaments, which are fibrous connective tissues. The cruciate ligaments are located in the knee joint, positioned to control the forward and backward motion of the knee and to brace it against any unusual movement. There are two types of cruciate ligaments, which are the anterior cruciate ligament (A.C.L.) and the posterior cruciate ligament (P.C.L.), both crossing each other. While the A.C.L. is located in the front, the P.C.L. is located in the back.

The A.C.L. can get sprained or torn for a number of reasons, which include: direct collision or contact, slowing down while running, landing incorrectly from a jump, rapidly changing direction, or stopping suddenly. An indication that the A.C.L. is injured is that the person might hear a ‘popping’ sound and may feel the knee give out from under them. Other symptoms may include pain, swelling, loss of full range of motion, discomfort while walking, and tenderness along the joint line. A.C.L. injuries are most common among athletes. For those who plan to return to active competition, surgery is usually recommended. However, those who plan to retire to a less active lifestyle may decide to bypass surgery and pursue non-surgical treatment.

Studies have shown that women athletes have a higher incidence of A.C.L. injury than their male counterparts. This might be a result of differences in muscular strength, physical conditioning, neuromuscular control, increased looseness in ligaments, or differences in pelvis and lower extremity alignment. Whatever the cause may be, women are more at risk. This underlines the importance of putting out more information and raising awareness to reduce the rate of A.C.L. injuries among young women.

Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women Day timeline

170 A.D.
Greek Surgeon Describes A.C.L.

Galenus becomes the first to describe A.C.L. as ‘ligamenta genu cruciata’ in his treatise “On the Usefulness of the Parts of the Body.”

Stark Describes an A.C.L. Rupture

James Stark publishes “Two Cases of Rupture of the Cruciate Ligament of the Knee-Joint,” where he describes an A.C.L. rupture.

A.C.L. Surgery is First Performed

Ernest William Hey Groves performs the first A.C.L. reconstruction surgery.

The Lachman Test is Introduced

Joseph Torg, Conrad W., and Kalen V. introduce the ‘Lachman Test’ in the clinical evaluation of A.C.L. lesions.

Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women Day FAQs

Can the P.C.L. also be injured?

Yes, the posterior cruciate ligament can also be injured.

Can an A.C.L. tear heal without surgery?

Only minor tears can heal with non-surgical treatment and regenerative medicine therapy.

How long does it take for the A.C.L. to heal?

With surgery, complete recovery could take between six to 12 months.

How to Observe Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women Day

  1. Raise awareness

    Spread information about A.C.L. injuries and how to prevent them. This is important in making sure people stay safe and healthy even while living life to the fullest.

  2. Protect your knees

    Whether or not you’re an athlete, do your best to protect your knees, and other parts of your body, from injury. When performing dangerous moves or strenuous exercises, take adequate precautions and use safety equipment, if need be.

  3. Post on social media

    You may or may not know any athletes personally. But you can use your online voice to spread information. Make a post on social media, telling people about how to keep their A.C.L. in good shape.

5 Sports With The Highest Percentage Of A.C.L Injuries

  1. Soccer

    According to a study carried out in 2013, 53.2% of female athletes sustained A.C.L. injuries while playing soccer.

  2. Basketball

    Basketball is a sport that requires jumping and landing and injury can occur during a wrong landing.

  3. Softball

    According to a 2013 study, 11.4% of female high school athletes tore their A.C.L. while playing softball.

  4. Football

    The collisions and twists that are typical moves in the game of football are likely to cause injury to the A.C.L.

  5. Skiing

    While skiing, there is a risk of A.C.L. injury because of the dangerous maneuvers involved in the sport.

Why Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women Day is Important

  1. Awareness is raised

    Apart from athletes, not many people are aware of the A.C.L. and its importance in our lives. This day offers an opportunity to learn about the anatomy of our knees and how a simple ligament aids motion.

  2. Injuries are prevented

    Awareness is the first step in prevention. Spreading information about A.C.L. injuries makes individuals more careful in their activities so that the rate of injury is reduced.

  3. Athletes are properly informed

    This awareness day can also be used to assure athletes that not all hope is lost. A.C.L. injuries don’t have to be the death of an athlete’s career. With proper treatment, they can resume normal lives after recovery.

Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women Day dates

2024April 5Friday
2025April 5Saturday
2026April 5Sunday
2027April 5Monday
2028April 5Wednesday

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