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Bee Active Bee Healthy Bee Happy Week – April 5-12, 2025

Bee Active Bee Healthy Bee Happy Week is observed from April 5 to April 12. It aims to combat childhood obesity via the promotion of the benefits of an active lifestyle. The Running Bee Foundation encourages health and well-being projects and raises awareness of the importance of being physically active. The week promotes ‘bee-ing’ active, healthy, and full of joy. Make positive changes in your life and your community by joining ‘Mo the Bee’ for a week-long celebration of doing so.

History of Bee Active Bee Healthy Bee Happy Week

The Running Bee Foundation was established in memory of ‘Mo Done,’ a true Salfordian who supported many of Manchester’s charitable foundations and was instrumental in the advancement of tour operator Sports Tours International. The company is the founder and primary supporter of the Running Bee Foundation.

All proceeds generated by Sports Tours International’s U.K. running events will be donated to The Running Bee Foundation. These funds are then reinvested into the communities where the events are held. It is the mission of the Running Bee Foundation to promote the fitness and well-being of local citizens, as well as to contribute to the fight against childhood obesity. Specifically, it accomplishes this by making grant funds accessible to community organizations and regional charities in the towns and cities where events are held.

By participating in Running Bee Foundation events, people can support health and wellness projects, highlight the benefits of living an active lifestyle, and contribute to the fight against juvenile obesity. The winners of each marathon will earn prize money in the form of a charitable donation. Winners can select a charitable organization to which they would like to donate.

Bee Active Bee Healthy Bee Happy Week timeline

The Launch

The Running Bee Foundation is launched.

The Profits are Invested in Communities

The profits from these events go to the Foundation, which will then be invested back into the communities.

The First Virtual Event

They host their first virtual event.

The Charity of the Year

The Running Bee Foundation has been awarded Charity of the Year 2021 by the Educate North Awards.

Bee Active Bee Healthy Bee Happy Week FAQs

What is the best way for me to donate to the Running Bee Foundation?

You can make a donation to the Running Bee Foundation through their secure payment system to show your support for the organization.

What types of events does the Running Bee Foundation put on?

Throughout the year, they have a variety of running activities that you can participate in. You can check out their upcoming events on their calendar.

How do I apply for a Running Bee grant?

To submit an application for a Running Bee Grant, please complete and submit their application form to the team. You can inquire about a grant from the Running Bee Foundation.

How to Observe Bee Active Bee Healthy Bee Happy Week

  1. Attend their events

    You can go to one of their events to help fight against childhood obesity and fight for a healthier lifestyle. Attending one of their events can help your community. The events take place throughout the year, so why not make some time to attend and show your support.

  2. Donate to the worthy cause

    You can make donations that will positively impact your community. You can also make donations by purchasing their official merchandise.

  3. Volunteer for the events

    You can volunteer your time to the events. As a volunteer, you get to be part of a team of people who help in the smooth operation of the events.

5 Interesting Facts About This Week

  1. Mo the mascot

    The Running Bee Foundation has a mascot called Mo.

  2. Honoring the founder

    The Running Bee Foundation was launched to honor the founder, Mo Dane after he passed away.

  3. Provides grants

    The Foundation will donate proceeds from all U.K. events to local community programs in Manchester and the North West, promoting health and wellness, and reducing childhood obesity.

  4. Tips and tricks

    You can find helpful tips and tricks on their website for people actively engaging in sporting activities.

  5. Promotes a healthy lifestyle

    They partner with other organizations that have a shared goal and whose visions align to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why Bee Active Bee Healthy Bee Happy Week is Important

  1. Grant application

    They make funds available to people from all walks of life in the areas they serve, regardless of their age, financial situation, religion, or gender. If you are aware of a project that encourages a physically and mentally active lifestyle, as well as one that combats childhood obesity, they would appreciate hearing from you.

  2. A more active lifestyle

    It encourages people to live a more active lifestyle and reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. It is the mission of the Running Bee Foundation to improve the health and well-being of local citizens, as well as to contribute to the fight against childhood obesity.

  3. Promotes community health

    Through its wellness initiatives, it promotes healthy activities for communities. That includes activities such as marathons to help raise money.

Bee Active Bee Healthy Bee Happy Week dates

2025April 5Saturday
2026April 5Sunday
2027April 5Monday
2028April 5Wednesday
2029April 5Thursday

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