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SunApr 27

World Tapir Day – April 27, 2025

World Tapir Day takes place annually on April 27 to raise awareness about these critically endangered species and to advocate for their protection for future generations. A cross between a pig and an elephant, these creatures, however, are directly related to horses as well as rhinoceroses in terms of genetics. Neither the tapir nor this eclectic ancestry is new to the world; both are centuries old. Researchers believe that these animals have remained essentially the same for millions of years. Continue reading to learn more about this one-of-a-kind creature.

History of World Tapir Day

World Tapir Day was created to save this threatened species from extinction so that they will be around for our children’s children to enjoy. Because they live either in forest or jungle environments, they are extremely sensitive to deforestation, which is especially true for huge herbivores like them. Tapirs are endemic to Central and South America but are also found in South-East Asia. They have the overall build of a pig with hoofed toes, but they also have the long snout of an elephant. This magnificent animal is currently on the endangered species list due to over-hunting for meat and hides.

Nonetheless, the implications of its extinction go far beyond the extinction of another unique species; the extinction of the tapir could put the entire surviving forest ecosystem in jeopardy as a result. They also help to disseminate seeds across the forest as a result of natural activities, and they are among the most ancient species to be found in these parts of the world.

Many people are completely uninformed about the existence of the tapir as a species, which means they are losing touch with a unique portion of the planet without even realizing it. These animals are so unfamiliar to the general public that people who visit zoos regularly confuse them for members of some other species. This is a concern even in countries where they are naturally found, which is why World Tapir Day was formed to help raise global awareness of this endangered species.

World Tapir Day timeline

65 Million Years Ago
Tapir Fossils

Tapir fossils are discovered in the early Oligocene period, which is the earliest-known record of them.

45 Million Years Ago

Tapirs migrate to Asia.

30 Million Years Ago
Different Species

Three Neotropical species separate from the Asian species.

The First Observation

The First World Tapir Day is observed.

World Tapir Day FAQs

What are baby tapirs called?

A baby tapir is called a calf.

Can a tapir stay underwater?

Tapirs can stay submerged in water for a few minutes at a time, using their extended nose as a snorkel while their toes provide traction on the slick water’s floor.

How long does a tapir live?

A tapir can live up to 25 years in the wild and up to 30 years in the zoo.

How to Observe World Tapir Day

  1. Donate to the cause

    Tapirs are critically endangered species and support is essential to ensure their long-term existence. Donating to appropriate organizations that safeguard them is a great way to commemorate the day while also doing your part to ensure the species’ survival in the long run.

  2. Raise public awareness

    Tapirs must be protected because their habitat and population are diminishing. As a result, it is critical to promote public knowledge of these animals and the dangers they encounter in the wild.

  3. A little bit of tapir knowledge can go a long way

    Tapirs are not as well-known as other animals, and learning more about them is an excellent way to commemorate the occasion. Conducting research, watching instructional movies about them, posting your discoveries on the preservation of these lovely creatures on social media, or seeing them at the zoo are all options.

5 Facts About The Tremendous Tapirs

  1. Feeding

    Tapirs eat twice a day, in the morning and the evening.

  2. They aid in the growth of plants

    During their foraging and defecation, they distribute the seeds that they have consumed — this helps to promote the future growth of plants.

  3. The biggest tapirs

    Southeast Asia is home to the world’s largest tapir, the black-and-white Malay tapir, which may grow to be 800 pounds in weight and inhabits the woods and marshes of Malaysia and Sumatra.

  4. The smallest tapirs

    Wooly tapirs, so named because of their thick coat, are the smallest members of the tapir family.

  5. Living fossils

    Tapirs are considered to be living fossils as they have been alive since the Eocene period.

Why World Tapir Day is Important

  1. It raises awareness

    World Tapir Day makes people aware of the problem tapirs face, which is the plight of extinction. It also helps to raise awareness about conservation efforts.

  2. It educates others

    The day teaches people about the existence of this unusual creature. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about these amazing beasts?

  3. It increases conservation efforts

    World Tapir Day helps increase conservation efforts. More people being aware means more people volunteering their services or time. It also means more donations towards the cause.

World Tapir Day dates

2025April 27Sunday
2026April 27Monday
2027April 27Tuesday
2028April 27Thursday
2029April 27Friday

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