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Matanzas Mule Day – April 27, 2025

Matanzas Mule Day is celebrated on April 27 to honor the mule that lost its life during the Spanish-American War. During the early days of the Spanish-American War, a battle was started by the U.S. in Matanzas, Cuba. Among the casualties of the battle was a single mule. Moved by his death, the Spanish soldiers honored the mule, counting his death as a heroic sacrifice. They mourned his death by hosting an elaborate funeral in which officers gave speeches to honor his loss. This simple gesture of kindness is remembered every year on this holiday.

History of Matanzas Mule Day

The events of the Spanish-American war began in 1889, when the U.S.S. Maine, a United States Navy Ship, exploded and sank in Havana Harbor. American journalists claimed this to be the fault of Spain and rallied for action. It was only in 1976 that investigations showed that the ship exploded due to a fire that ignited in the ship’s ammunition stocks. However, at the time, the U.S. showed its support for Cuba and the Philippines to become independent from Spanish rule. This pushed for the start of the Spanish-American war which lasted for nearly four months, from April 21, 1898, to December 10, 1898.

The Spanish-American war concluded with victory for the United States and a peace treaty that gave independence to Cuba. The Spanish gave up their power over Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. The war also resulted in Hawaii becoming part of the United States territory.

In the early stages of the war, the U.S. fired on the city of Matanzas. One of the casualties was a mule. The mule received a military burial with full honors, with 200 people in attendance. Officers gathered to make a speech and shot their muskets in the mule’s honor, wrapping its body with the Spanish flag. This became a national holiday on the day of the mule’s death, April 27, 1898. Some claimed this incident was false, but a Chief Officer claimed to have attended the funeral. Some even wrote songs and poems in the honor of the mule.

Matanzas Mule Day timeline

Spanish Empire

Cuba becomes part of the Spanish Empire.

February 15, 1898
The U.S.S. Maine

The U.S.S. Maine explodes and sinks near Havana Harbor in Cuba.

August 5, 1898
The Mule in the “New York Times”

A story about the Matanzas Mule’s burial appears in the “New York Times.”

December 10, 1898
The Spanish-American War

The United States wins the war against Spain.

Matanzas Mule Day FAQs

What is a mule?

Mules are the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. The offspring of a female donkey and a male horse is called a hinny. Mules live longer than horses and are smarter than donkeys, making them great work partners.

Why do people ride mules instead of horses?

Mules are more patient and docile than horses. Their smaller size makes them more comfortable to ride for longer distances, and they have more endurance than horses. However, horses are faster.

Can mules reproduce?

Hybrid animals like mules and hinnies are infertile as their chromosomes don’t match up. Neither mules nor hinnies can procreate as they’re unable to produce sperm or eggs.

Matanzas Mule Day Activities

  1. Read more about the Spanish-American War

    There’s much more information available about the Spanish-American war. You can browse online for some background information or read books with more thorough information, citing all the important information from the beginning of the war to its end.

  2. Donate to the American Mule Museum

    The American Mule Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring mules. Their goal is to build a museum that educates people on the American mule and how mules aided in farming and transporting people and supplies.

  3. Visit historical sites

    Many museums display artifacts related to the Spanish-American War. There’s Pond Spring in Alabama, Presidio of San Francisco in San Francisco, and many others. Find the one closest to you and visit it.

5 Important Facts About The Spanish-American War

  1. Cubans fought for independence for years

    Cuba fought for its independence for over ten years and finally managed to separate from Spain with help from the U.S.

  2. It was influenced by yellow journalism

    Yellow journalism is a style of reporting that emphasizes sensationalism and often reports false or exaggerated facts — the U.S. attempted to avoid the war, but journalists kept blaming the Spanish for the U.S.S. Maine’s explosion without evidence.

  3. It ended Spanish colonialism

    Spain had sovereignty over much of the world for centuries, and the Spanish-American War released many countries from Spanish rule.

  4. It had a slogan

    The slogan was “Remember the Maine! To Hell with Spain!”

  5. Rough riders

    The president called for 125,000 volunteers to join the war and among those were cowboys, sheriffs, outlaws, and others who were nicknamed “rough riders.”

Why We Love Matanzas Mule Day

  1. It reminds us that every life is important

    Initially, the ceremony was claimed to be fake, and some believed it was an attempt to humiliate the Americans. This simple act of kindness reminds us that no death is unimportant and that every life has value.

  2. Mules served humans for centuries

    Mules have been very crucial throughout humanity’s history. They were used in assisting armies in transporting supplies. They can carry people through rough terrain, pull carts, and help in agriculture and farming. It’s only right to honor them.

  3. It’s important to remember history

    This holiday not only helps us recognize the service of mules but also brings our attention to historical events. It’s important to educate people about wars and their effects on living things so that we can learn from previous mistakes.

Matanzas Mule Day dates

2025April 27Sunday
2026April 27Monday
2027April 27Tuesday
2028April 27Thursday
2029April 27Friday

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