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Day of Uprising Against Occupation – April 27, 2025

The Day of Uprising Against Occupation is commemorated every year on April 27, the day after the Liberation Front was founded. The Liberation Front was founded in 1941 on the Day of Uprising Against Occupation, commonly known as Resistance Day. Slovenia was overrun by the Nazis, as well as the fascist regimes of Italy and Hungary, on April 6, 1941. Finally, in response to foreign occupation, Slovenia created the Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation on April 26, 1941. The Liberation Front evolved into a military force fighting fascist regimes.

History of Day of Uprising Against Occupation

Slovenia has been inhabited since the prehistoric period. Human habitation can be traced back to roughly 250,000 years ago. During World War II, Slovenia was the only modern-day European country to be divided and annexed by both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. In addition, Hungary acquired the Prekmurje region in the east, and the newly formed Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia included certain villages in the Lower Sava Valley (N.D.H).

In south-central Slovenia, which Fascist Italy had occupied and renamed the Province of Ljubljana, the Slovenian National Liberation Front was established in April 1941. The Yugoslav Partisans, led by Communist Party leader Josip Broz Tito, including the Slovene Partisan units, were established. To bring parliamentary democracy to Slovenia, several constitutional changes were adopted in September 1989. On March 7, 1990, the Slovenian Assembly changed the nation’s name officially to the Republic of Slovenia. April 1990 marked the first democratic elections in Slovenia.

On December 23, 1990, the majority of voters chose to establish Slovenia as a sovereign and independent nation. On June 25, 1991, Slovenia declared its independence. The United Nations welcomed Slovenia as a member on May 22, 1992, and the European Union recognized Slovenia as an independent state in 1992.

Day of Uprising Against Occupation timeline

The Slovenian National Liberation Front

The Slovenian National Liberation Front is founded in south-central Slovenia.

The First Slovenian Democratic Election

Slovenia's first democratic election takes place.

Slovenia's Independence

Slovenia gains its independence on June 25.

European Union Recognition

Slovenia is recognized as an independent state by the European Union.

Day of Uprising Against Occupation FAQs

Why is Slovenia famous?

Slovenia is famous for its beautiful landscapes, lakes, and dramatic scenery. It is a perfect place for adventure seekers and nature lovers. This country is home to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and some of the best ski resorts in Europe.

What is the name of Slovenia's capital?

Slovenia’s capital is Ljubljana.

Is Slovenia a communist country?

As part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia came under communist rule for the bulk of the post-World War II period. With the dissolution of the Yugoslav federation in 1991, a multiparty democratic political system emerged.

How to Observe Day of Uprising Against Occupation

  1. Make plans to visit Slovenia

    Slovenia is a small country in central Europe with breathtaking natural beauty, stunning landscapes, gorgeous lakes, and dramatic scenery. In commemoration of the Day of Uprising Against Occupation, change your itinerary and travel to this wonderful country.

  2. Read Slovenia's history

    Learn more about Slovenia. Read about the country's struggle for independence and its fight against foreign occupation, which led to the foundation of this holiday.

  3. Spread the word on social media

    Take a moment to wish Slovenians on this day. Use suitable hashtags when posting photographs of the country's scenery and achievements on social media.

5 Interesting Facts About Slovenia

  1. Slovenia is young

    Slovenia is a young country, with only 30 years under its belt.

  2. Over 46 dialects in Slovenia

    Slovenia is home to more than 46 dialects.

  3. Heart and soul of beekeeping

    Slovenia is regarded throughout Europe as the heart and soul of beekeeping.

  4. One vineyard per 70 people

    For every 70 individuals, there is a vineyard.

  5. Chicken shaped country

    Slovenians believe that their country is shaped like a chicken.

Why Day of Uprising Against Occupation is Important

  1. It commemorates the history of Slovenia

    The holiday commemorates Slovenia's history. From its battle to rid itself of foreign occupants and its journey to independence, this holiday teaches us a lot about Slovenia's history.

  2. It honors the ideals of liberty

    This day honors the basic ideals of liberty, bravery, innovation, and culture. The decision to fight the occupation necessitated a firm perspective on the nation's existence as well as a complete rupture from the past.

  3. It remembers the struggle for liberation

    The day is commemorated as a time to remember and reflect on the magnitude of the national liberation struggle as well as the global scope of the fight against Fascism and Nazism. It's a way of preserving Slovenia's history, culture, and moral compass.

Day of Uprising Against Occupation dates

2025April 27Sunday
2026April 27Monday
2027April 27Tuesday
2028April 27Thursday
2029April 27Friday

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