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SunApr 27

Teach Children To Save Day – April 27, 2025

Teach Children to Save Day is observed each year on April 27 as a part of Financial Literacy Month. The day focuses on the importance of financial education and teaches children financial literacy, starting with the basics about the importance of saving money. When children are taught to save, they learn early in life that financial responsibility is essential to one’s well-being. Children are taught saving terminologies such as earning, banking, compound interest, credit and debt, credit cards, and loans. They are taught how to create a budget that may include saving for college or thinking about how student loans work, planning for large purchases, prioritizing purchases, and differentiating needs from wants.

History of Teach Children To Save Day

Even though Teach Children to Save Day takes place once a year, Teach Children to Save is a national program where bankers volunteer to help children start a savings routine early in their lives. The celebrations are sponsored by the American Banker Association Education Foundation, where the community comes together to help families and schools advocate for financial literacy.

Teach Children to Save Day encourages parents to teach their children about money. This includes the value of why we need money and how to maintain a savings account. Banks, financial planners, and other banking professionals travel to local schools and teach students about money throughout the day. Children are also taught about spending, donating, and investing money. When children are taught how to handle money at a young age, they do it even better in the future. Parents can find access to these resources through various local banks on this day, which can help them teach their children how to save money.

Giving kids the information they need now can help them with difficult situations later, such as unexpected emergencies, loan payments, and other money-related decisions. This is also a good day to teach children that saving money doesn’t always mean being vigilant about spending but simply being careful. Starting with small savings can lead to having big returns eventually. All in all, Teach Your Children to Save Day is a fun, interesting way to learn and teach about a vitally important part of life.

Teach Children To Save Day timeline

The Medici Bank

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Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena

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2007 — 2008
A Financial Crisis

One of the worst economic crises of all time occurs.

Anchorage Digital Bank

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Teach Children To Save Day FAQs

How do I teach my child financial responsibility?

You can do simple things such as taking them grocery shopping, giving them real money to manage, teaching the Save, Spend, and Give model, and teaching them the benefits and rewards of paying their bills on time.

Why is saving money important?

Saving money is important because it helps protect you in the event of a financial emergency. It also helps to pay for large purchases, avoid debt, reduce your financial stress, leave a financial legacy, and provides you with a greater sense of financial freedom.

How should a beginner start saving money?

Record your expenses, budget for savings, find ways to cut your spending, and decide what your priorities are.

Teach Children To Save Day Activities

  1. Talk to your children about savings

    This can be a great day to have fun and learn about the many ways to save money. Teach your children to start small.

  2. Open a bank account for them

    Help them open a minor’s account with a bank. Encourage them to save regularly and deposit money in their bank account.

  3. Set saving goals

    Set saving goals for your children. Let them pick an amount. Then, treat them to a gift and congratulate them when they reach their goal.

5 Important Facts About Money

  1. Counterfeit money can be difficult to detect

    Fakes are not easily detected because they are more perfect than authentic money.

  2. Notes are not paper

    They are usually made with a mix of cloth and paper.

  3. Serial numbers are not just numbers

    They also use letters as part of the alphanumeric code for reserve banks.

  4. Coins have a long lifespan

    On average, a coin has been in circulation for 30 years.

  5. Only 8% is in cash

    The remaining 92% of the world’s currency exists digitally.

Why We Love Teach Children To Save Day

  1. Helps children build good saving habits

    National Teach Children to Save Day teaches children how to save money. It instills good habits in them, such as donating, spending wisely, and investing.

  2. Prepares them for the future

    When children are taught to take care of their own finances, it prepares them for a future. It’s important as they will have to regularly make money-related decisions.

  3. Prevents money wastage

    Since children are aware of the advantage of saving and investing, it stops them from wasting money on purchases and services they don’t need. That’s a skill even money can’t buy.

Teach Children To Save Day dates

2025April 27Sunday
2026April 27Monday
2027April 27Tuesday
2028April 27Thursday
2029April 27Friday

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