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Togo Independence Day (Togo) – April 27, 2025

Togo Independence Day is an annual holiday observed on April 27. On this day, Togo celebrates its independence from the French overseas colonial empire in 1960. Togo’s name derives from the indigenous tribes’ language which means “a place where lagoons lie.” Today is another year of celebrating the country’s independence. Togo, also known as the Togolese Republic or the République togolaise, is a West African country bordered on the west by Ghana, on the east by Benin, and on the north by Burkina Faso.

History of Togo Independence Day (Togo)

The coastal region around modern-day Togo became a major trading center for Europeans looking for slaves in the 16th century, earning Togo and the surrounding regions the moniker “The Slave Coast.” Germany took control of “Togoland” in the late 1800s and established it as a successful colony. It was one of Germany’s most valuable overseas assets despite it being one of the smallest.

German soldiers were quickly destroyed following the allied assault on the small colony, forcing the colony’s surrender on August 26, 1914. Togoland was partitioned between the victorious parties in 1916, resulting in the creation of the new colonies of British Togoland and French Togoland. Togoland was then conquered by Britain and France during WWI, establishing the Anglo-French condominium. The condominium fell on December 7, 1916, and Togo was partitioned into British and French zones. The League of Nations mandated Great Britain to manage the western portion of Togo and France to govern the eastern part on July 20, 1922. The power to send three members of parliament to the French parliament was granted to the country in 1945.

After World War II, these mandates were renamed U.N. Trust Territories. British Togoland’s citizens decided to join the Gold Coast as a member of the newly created Ghana in 1957. In 1959, French Togoland was granted autonomy within the French Union but France kept responsibility over defense, foreign affairs, and economics. On April 27, 1960, the Togolese Republic was established. Sylvanus Olympio was elected president for the first time in 1961, receiving 100% of the vote in elections boycotted by the opposition.

Togo Independence Day (Togo) timeline

Togoland is Seized

Togoland is seized by British and French armies.

Togo Gains its Independence

Togo obtains independence from French domination.

Togo's First President

Sylvanus Olympio is elected as the country's first president.

A New Constitution

The Republic of Togo adopts a new constitution.

Togo Independence Day (Togo) FAQs

Is Togo decent to live in?

Togo might be an enticing place for ex-pats who desire to contribute to the development of a beautiful part of the world as an important regional center in Africa.

What is Togo's major religion?

The Christian faith is practiced by over half of the population.

What is Togo famous for?

Togo’s palm-lined beaches and hilltop communities are well-known.

How to Observe Togo Independence Day (Togo)

  1. Participate in Togo's Independence Day events

    If you are in Togo, take part in the flag-raising rituals, military parades, and cultural activities held in Lome and across Togo to commemorate the country's independence. These Independence Day preparations begin a month in advance.

  2. Prepare a Togolese dish

    What better way to join in the celebration than sharing a warm Togolese meal with friends and family? Look up recipes online and create a feast for the special occasion.

  3. Share via your socials

    You do not have to be in Togo to join in the celebration. Google the Togo flag and upload it to your social media and use relevant hashtags like #TogoIndependence or #HappyIndependenceDayTogo.

5 Interesting Facts About Togo

  1. Short history

    Togo has a brief history in comparison to many other African countries.

  2. Monument de L'Indépendance

    The Monument de L'Indepéndance was erected on April 27, 1960, to commemorate Togo's independence from France.

  3. Mont Agou

    Mont Agou, at 986 meters (3,235 ft) above sea level, is Togo's highest peak mountain.

  4. French speaking country

    French is the official language of Togo.

  5. 123rd largest country

    With 56,785 square kilometers in land area, it is the 123rd largest country in the world.

Why Togo Independence Day (Togo) is Important

  1. It honors its first President

    Togo's Independence Day pays tribute to the country's short history and its early rulers. Sylvanus Olympio, the country's first president, was slain in a coup in 1963. A special memorial is paid to him on this day.

  2. It is home to a female mayor

    Togo is home to one of the first female mayors. From 1967 to 1974, Marie Madoé Sivomey, Togo's first female mayor, served as mayor of Lomé.

  3. It is to celebrate the Togolese people

    This is also a day to celebrate the Togolese people. They are hospitable despite their lack of infrastructure and are extremely kind, greeting tourists with open arms and offering whatever they have from a glass of water to a handwritten message.

Togo Independence Day (Togo) dates

2025April 27Sunday
2026April 27Monday
2027April 27Tuesday
2028April 27Thursday
2029April 27Friday

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