National Prime Rib Day – April 27, 2019

Sat Apr 27

National Prime Rib Day is a feast day in honor of this classic cut of the finest beef ever known to man. Although little appears to be known about the origins of this holiday, it is best celebrated with great enthusiasm, with family and friends gathering in feast to enjoy the occasion. Many restaurants also recognize the day, providing special menus in celebration. Prime rib, also known as ‘standing rib roast’ is a tender, flavorful roast cut from the center of the rib section of the steer.

National Prime Rib Day Activities

  1. Cook a Prime Rib Dish

    Pick one of the many traditional dish recipes online, buy the ingredients, and handle business. Making a perfect prime rib that tastes amazing is sublime.

  2. Get Your Prime Rib at your Local Barbecue Joint

    Go online, and search for a BBQ Joint near you. You’ll be amazed at the various locations you’ll find, it doesn’t take much planning to have a great time at a BBQ restaurant with all the meat available at your fingertips.

  3. Look at Pictures of Prime Rib, And Wonder Why You Didn’t Follow Through With Steps #1 or 2.

    Go on. Either get out there and sit down at your favorite BBQ spot, or make your own prime rib. It’s that simple.

Why We Love National Prime Rib Day

  1. The Flavor

    Made super moist, perfectly seasoned, and tender – roast beef is simply amazing to the tastebuds.

  2. It’s a Classic Dish That Brings People Together

    While Prime Rib is traditionally made during the holidays, it’s best enjoyed anytime, with anyone. Made right, the taste is sublime and provides a great way to bond with friends and family over good food.

  3. Prime Rib is a Reward

    Prime Rib is not just a classic dish, it is an achievement. When celebrating that graduation, promotion, or ringing in the new years, Prime Rib is one of those classic dishes that includes everyone getting together for an awesome feast.