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American Quilters Society Week – April 27-30, 2024

American Quilters Society Week is celebrated annually from April 27 to 30. If you are wondering what a quilter is, let us tell you. A quilter is a person who performs the entire process of making a patchwork quilt, decorated with quilting stitches or not. This week aims at celebrating and addressing the work that quilters do. Making patchwork is not an easy task. Quilters must be good at sewing, creative, have good color coordination, have great hand stitching techniques, and be a patient person. We celebrate the talent that quilters exhibit.

History of American Quilters Society Week

Quilting is a sewing technique in which two layers of fabric, usually with an interior insulating layer, are sewn together with multiple rows of stitching. This technique has been used for clothing across China, the Middle East, North Africa, and the colder areas of Europe. Nowadays, it is primarily associated with making bedcovers and wall hangings.

The first step involves creating a quilt top, which commonly consists of blocks made by cutting patches and then stitching them together or by appliquéing cut-out shapes onto a backing. Quilts are often made by layering in sandwich-style cotton, wool, polyester (in appropriate cases), linen, or flannel between the quilt top and backing. The three layers are basted or pinned together. The quilting design is marked on the top and sewn in fine, even stitches by hand, sewing machine, or commercial quilting machine. Quilting designs vary and may be geometric or figural, and the quality of the quilt depends in large part on the fineness of the stitching and the matching of appropriate designs to the piercing. Quilt layers can be stabilized by tieing the fabric at intervals with thread or a narrow ribbon. The quilt’s outer raw edges are usually turned together or covered with a binding.

The International Quilt Festival was founded in 1974 by Karey Bresenhan. The festival hosts an annual conference in Houston, Texas. Many states and local guilds promote quilting for educational and charitable purposes. The Smithsonian Institution, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and American Folk Art Museum display quilts from their collections.

American Quilters Society Week timeline

The Sewing Machine is Invented

The invention of the sewing machine radically changes household sewing.

1960s and 70s
The Making of Quilts is Revived

These decades mark a quilt revival, in part thanks to the nostalgic interest in crafts generated by the American Bicentennial.

The First Quilt-Dominated Magazine

Bonnie & George Leman’s Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine is founded.

The International Quilt Festival is Founded

The International Quilt Festival is founded by Karey Bresenhan and holds an annual conference in Houston, Texas.

American Quilters Society Week FAQs

What is a group of quilters called?

A long time ago, a quilting bee was a group of quilters who work on the same quilt, usually tying or hand quilting to speed up the process of completing a quilt.

How much do quilters charge?

Many traditional quilters charge from three cents to 15 cents per square inch, with the price range reflecting the factors going into the quilt.

What is the largest quilt show in the U.S.?

The largest quilt show is The International Quilt Festival in the U.S., which takes place each fall in Houston, Texas.

American Quilters Society Week Activities

  1. Buy a new quilt

    You have plenty of options where you can buy a quilt. You can buy it online or even go to a shop and buy it personally.

  2. Attend a quilt festival

    Many cities in the U.S, hold quilt festivals. Search festivals that are nearby and do not miss one.

  3. Make your own quilt

    The perfect way to celebrate this week is by making your own quilt. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet that can guide you step by step on how to make your first quilt.

5 Facts In Making Your Own Quilt

  1. Start by laying out backing fabric

    After you sew together your backing fabric, lay it down on a flat surface.

  2. The edges need to be taped down

    Tape down all the edges of the backing fabric using the lines on your tile or hardwood floors.

  3. There is a layering process

    Spread out the batting onto the backing.

  4. There’s a need to baste your layers

    At this point, you can also baste the layers together or use pins.

  5. Quilt edges need finishing

    Once you remove the pins, ensure you neatly finish the edges.

Why We Love American Quilters Society Week

  1. Quilts keep people warm

    Quilts keep people warm. They not only keep warm the body, but they also warm the heart.

  2. Quilt making is an art form

    The Art Quilt Association in the U.S. defines quilt art as an original exploration of a concept or idea rather than handing down a “pattern”. It experiments with textile manipulation, color, texture, and/or a diversity of mixed media.

  3. Quilts offer an explosion of aesthetics

    Two-dimensional effects such as optical illusions can be achieved through aesthetic choices regarding color, texture, and print. This is mainly because different types of fabrics are used.

American Quilters Society Week dates

2024April 27Saturday
2025April 27Sunday
2026April 27Monday
2027April 27Tuesday
2028April 27Thursday

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