October 29th holidays

October 29th is the 302nd day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day Hurricane Mitch, the second deadliest Atlantic hurrican in history, made landfall in Honduras; the South African Truth and Reconcilation Commission published its first report, and the New York Stock Exchange crashed on what became to be known as Black Tuesday. Famous October 29th birthdays include Winona Ryder and Richard Dreyfuss. Today is National Cat Day and National Internet Day.

We have 7 holidays listed for October 29.


National Cat Day

Charles Dickens said it best: "What greater gift than the love of a cat?" 


National Internet Day

The world wide web. The information highway. Cyberspace. The interwebz.


National Pit Bull Awareness Day

We celebrate how loving, kind, and compassionate these dogs truly are.


National Hermit Day

Forego all your worldly ties for a day to recharge and enjoy your own company.


National Oatmeal Day

With all the way to eat oatmeal, we had to dedicate a day to it!


World Psoriasis Day

Psoriasis associations strive to spread information about the condition and improve access to treatment.


World Stroke Day

Let’s become stroke-free by moving those muscles and limbs to keep healthy and active.