Moses Hacmon

Moses Hacmon was born on October 29, 1977, in Israel. He is an artist and photographer who married controversial YouTube star Trisha Paytas in 2021. He moved to the United States in 2002. He studied cinematography. His latest work focuses on water’s concept and physical form; the project “Faces of Water” was released in 2013. In it, he attempted to capture all physical forms of water.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Moses Hacmon



Birth date:

October 29, 1977



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Moses's Social Media:


Moses Hacmon was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, on October 29, 1977. He is an author, artist, researcher, YouTuber, social media star, architect, photographer, and entrepreneur. In 2002, he moved to the United States. He studied cinematography and fine art at the Avni Institute of Art and Design. Hacmon also attended the Isreal Institute of Technology. After moving to the United States, he enrolled in the Southern California Institute of Architecture, where he completed his Bachelor of Architecture, with the A.I.A. honors award, in 2006.

Hacmon started his first project, “Faces of Water,” shortly after, which got released in 2013. The project focuses on the concept and physical form of water. With this project, Hacmon attempts to capture physical and invisible forms of water; he uses a technique to capture the invisible. According to Kyle VanHemert, “Hacmon worked out a technique involving a special type of film with a layer of liquid that records the movement of the water itself. The film leaves Hacmon with a full-size negative, which he then develops into pictures like the ones here ― an analog process from start to finish.”

Hacmon has started a few YouTube channels where he documents his life and research. Hacmon’s YouTube channel, created in 2013, “Channel Water,” contains his photography and research on water. Hacmon met Trisha Paytas during his time in the United States; they married in December 2021. In February 2022, Paytas announced that they were pregnant.

Career timeline

He Moves

Hacmon moves to the United States from Isreal.

He Graduates

Hacmon graduates from the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

His First Project

His first photography project, “Faces of Water,” is released.

He Gets Married

Hacmon marries Trisha Paytas.

Why We Love Moses Hacmon

  1. We love his passion

    Hacmon is very passionate about water, which is understandable as it’s the source of all life on earth. He has spent years studying water; it has become an integral part of his art.

  2. His dedication is inspiring

    Hacmon is very dedicated and hardworking. He started working full-time when he was only 14 years old, which helped him move to the United States to follow his dreams.

  3. His skills are refined

    Hacmon is a well-known artist and architect. He’s earned recognition throughout his career, evident by the awards he’s received. In 2007, he won the American Institute of Architecture Medallion for Excellence.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His YouTube channel

    Hacmon has almost 25,000 subscribers on his photography YouTube channel.

  2. He is big on social media

    Hacmon has a big social media following of almost 45,000 followers on Instagram.

  3. He loves nature

    Hacmon loves spending time in nature.

  4. His influences

    Largely, nature and water influence Hacmon’s art.

  5. He likes to travel

    Hacmon loves to travel, especially with his partner, Paytas.

Moses Hacmon FAQs

What does Moses Hacmon do for work?

He is a photographer.

Does Moses Hacmon identify with water?

He identifies with water as it is life-giving and essential to existence.

Who is Moses’s sister?

His sister is Hila Klein.

Moses Hacmon’s birthday dates

2024October 29Tuesday
2025October 29Wednesday
2026October 29Thursday
2027October 29Friday
2028October 29Sunday

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