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National Hermit Day
TueOct 29

National Hermit Day – October 29, 2024

On National Hermit Day, October 29, you can get away from it all and de-stress by spending some time on your own to recharge. Hermits, by definition, are people who prefer seclusion to socialization. They spend their lives living separated from the rest of the world. Traditionally, hermits choose this lifestyle because of religious reasons. Their days are filled with religious prayers, invoking the deities, and just musing on their general philosophy of life. Some famous historical hermits include Father Maxime Qavtaradze (who lives on a pillar in Georgia) and Willard MacDonald, who lived as a hermit for 60 years in Canada. But you do not need to cut off all your worldly ties to celebrate National Hermit Day. You can choose to spend the day, or a part thereof, by yourself in your favorite quiet spot, doing whatever activity gives you peace of mind. In the frenetic pace of our world, most people complain about too little ‘me time’, which you can start sorting out by taking part in National Hermit Day.

History of National Hermit Day

It is unclear who or what started the National Hermit Day. Many sources point to the day being celebrated in recognition of the death of Colman mac Duagh. Saint Duagh was born in County Galway, Ireland. While information related to his family remains uncertain, some scholars claim he may have been the son of Queen Rhinagh and Chieftain Duac. There are heroic tales surrounding his birth. It is believed that Queen Rhinagh, while being pregnant with St. Duagh, had a dream where she was told that her son would be a great man, surpassing all his lineage in social stature and fame. The queen feared that upon hearing of this dream, her husband may try to harm the child, so she fled the palace and after several attempts on her life, she gave birth to St. Duagh. He was brought up by monks, being educated at St. Enda’s monastery. Soon after, he started his hermit lifestyle. In 590 A.D., he moved to a forest in Burren, living there at the foot of a cliff.

While living as a hermit started as a religious choice for many, there came a time in history when keeping hermits in your gardens or sprawling estates became fashionable. One prominent example is of Charles Hamilton, the son of the sixth Earl of Abercorn, in the 1700s. He was building gardens at his home in Surrey, and the perfect addition to his landscape would be a religious hermit. He placed advertisements for applicants, offering them pay, food, and shelter, all for the exchange of a seven-year service, which would entirely be spent in seclusion in his garden estate. These were called “ornamental hermits”.

Today, National Hermit Day is more about spending time by yourself to freshen up than to spend it as a “trophy” hermit in someone’s garden. The constant hustle and bustle, accompanied by social media, can be very taxing physically and mentally. People take the day apart from distractions and other people to enjoy solitary pursuits from hiking to having a nap or watching their favorite movies.

National Hermit Day timeline

400 A.D.
First Christian Hermit

The first recorded Christian hermit is Paul of Thebes in Egypt, who spent his life as a hermit from the age of 16 to 113 in the desert.

590 A.D.
Saint Duagh’s Move to Burren

St. Colman mac Duagh moves to a forest in Burren to start his life as a hermit.

In Vogue Hermits

Royalty and elite groups start hiring hermits for their gardens since it is fashionable to have “Garden Hermits” around.

21st Century
National Hermit Day

People are encouraged to spend some time alone with themselves to reinvigorate their spirits.

National Hermit Day FAQs

What is a hermit?

A hermit is a person who lives away from society, in complete solitude. Many people have been known to become hermits for religious reasons.

What is a female hermit called?

A female hermit is called a hermitess. 

What is celebrated on 29 October?

National Hermit Day, which celebrates the joy of solitude, is celebrated on 29 October.

How To Celebrate National Hermit Day

  1. Take a day off

    If you were looking for a sign to take that one day off, this is it. You can enjoy a three-day weekend because October 29 falls on a Friday this year. Enjoy your day by reconnecting with yourself. You can also choose to simply take some rest by sleeping in, having a spa day at home, or indulging in a favorite activity of yours.

  2. Try something new

    Take this day as a chance to try your hand at something new. It could be sewing, crocheting, or learning a technical skill. This would make your day creative and could even pave the way for a new direction in your life.

  3. Have more hermit days

    In today’s world, there’s a constant barrage of information being thrown our way. This could be in the form of social media, phone calls, messages, or the general internet. Having more hermit days will allow you to have a much-welcomed dose of reset and freshness.

5 Facts About Solitude That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It boosts creativity and productivity

    Solitude has been shown to boost creativity and productivity, as it allows you to see and process things clearer because your mind is less cluttered and your emotions become quiet.

  2. Comfortable with and by yourself

    Although it’s often uncomfortable to switch off and spend alone time, solitude is addictive to many, and they often increase their alone time.

  3. Puts things into perspective

    When you are alone, you will be able to decide what matters to you the most, without any outside factors inhibiting your thought processes.

  4. Helps you get satisfaction

    Solitude will help you realize that your satisfaction is not connected to people or what you do, instead, it comes from within you and from who you are.

  5. Alone, not lonely

    Many people confuse loneliness with solitude, where the former is painful and uncomfortable, while solitude is a fulfilling choice.

Why We Love National Hermit Day

  1. It’s a celebration of hermits

    Hermits teach us an important lesson about reflection and life in general. We do not need to have too many people or things in our life to live peacefully and happily. Having one, or several, hermit days will work to bring positive rejuvenation energy into your life.

  2. It’s a celebration of solitude

    In today’s day and age, solitude is highly underrated. We are told we need to be out there in the world exploring with a bunch of people. That is good for you, but so is solitude. Being in solitude at times will help you get in touch with your emotions, likes, dislikes, and comfort levels.

  3. It’s a time of regeneration

    Having a hermit day allows you to rest and gather the energy to face the world with full force. Studies have proven that spending time alone breeds creativity and productivity. Spending time with yourself also allows you to learn more about yourself as a person.

National Hermit Day dates

2024October 29Tuesday
2025October 29Wednesday
2026October 29Thursday
2027October 29Friday
2028October 29Sunday

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