National Internet Day – October 29, 2019

Tue Oct 29

The world wide web. The information highway. Cyberspace. The interwebz. We’ve all got a name for it, but no matter what you call it, one fundamental truth stays the same — the internet is as revolutionary a tool as they come, and for that reason, we celebrate National Internet Day. But why October 29th?

According to sources online, the web’s first message was sent on this day in 1969. Yes, you read that right — the internet was born the same year that Hendrix was blowing minds at Woodstock! It was a truly revolutionary time.

National Internet Day Activities

  1. Change Your Passwords

    It might seem like a boring way to celebrate, but the next time [insert big website here] gets hacked, you'll be able to rest easy with the knowledge that your passwords are as secure as Azkaban.

  2. Make Your Own Meme

    Whether you're a photoshop wiz, or a computer klutz, making a meme is easy. Find a funny picture that you'd like to annotate (or start with a classic meme image), and get your copy-writing on!

  3. Unplug! Just for a day.

    You wouldn't dare refrain from pizza on National Pizza Day, so why unplug from the web on National Internet Day? Well, because we can! Most of us use the internet everyday, and it can be easy to forget how much we depend on it. By taking a day off, we'll begin to further appreciate all the conveniences of this unprecedented tool.

Why We Love National Internet Day

  1. It Connects Us Like Never Before

    Many technologies promised to connect the world — the mail service, telegraph, and the telephone, to name a few — but none of them succeeded with such scale and speed as the world wide web. A message that could have taken weeks to receive can now be transmitted across the world (and the solar system!) in mere moments.

  2. It's A Global Equalizer

    Thirty years ago, only the world's wealthiest individuals and institutions had access to a library of information comparable with what's online today. While it's still not an entirely free process, the price of information access has fallen dramatically with the rise of the internet, putting libraries-worth of information into the pockets of billions across the globe.

  3. Cats, cats, and more cats.

    For a tool that so many people use so differently, there's one part of the internet that seems constant: cats. From long cat to Grumpy cat, our feline friends become quick celebrities on the internet, and as history tells us, we're always looking for a new hero. The internet delivers every day!

National Internet Day dates
2019October 29Tuesday
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