February 24th holidays

February 24th is the fifty-fifth day in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of the U.S.Olympic hockey team defeating Finland 4–2 to win the gold medal and the Marbury v. Madison: a U.S. Supreme Court case that established judicial review. Famous February 24th birthdays include Steve Jobs, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Matt Skiba, and John Nolan. February 24th also marks National Tortilla Chip Day.

We have 9 holidays listed for February 24.


National Tortilla Chip Day

Whether you eat yours plain or dip them, tortilla chips bring the fiesta to any occasion.



Birds do it, bees do it, and so do the Romanian youth on this particular day!


Flag Day Mexico

Time to sport some red, white, and green in solidarity with your Mexican ‘compadres’ today.


I Hate Coriander Day

If rich dishes filled with coriander give you re-curry-ing nightmares, this is the day for you!


Independence Day Estonia

The Estonian Declaration of Independence was signed on this day in 1918. Learn more with us.


National Skip the Straw Day

We can slurp more down by just going straight for the glass’s edge anyway!


National Tartar Sauce Day

As long as you have your tartar sauce next to it, you can never go wrong with seafood.


World Bartender Day

Bartenders mix our favorite drinks, keep customers happy, and often come up with delicious new drinks.


Yukon Heritage Day

Binging the history and culture of the smallest of Canada’s three territories to the forefront.