Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs, born on February 24, 1955, began his tech career in 1976 with his business partner/namesake, Steve Wozniak. The duo founded the now two trillion dollar company, Apple. Jobs was a force to reckon with in the tech industry. His inventions, designs, and investments led to the company’s success, even when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. He was a brilliant visionary who took multiple steps into the future by revolutionizing the use of computers. He deserves so much credit for his work, and this is why we’re celebrating his special day right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Steven Paul Jobs



Birth date:

February 24, 1955

Death date:

October 5, 2011 (age 56)

Zodiac Sign:



6' 2"

Net Worth:

$10.2 million


Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. His birthplace is San Francisco, California and he was adopted as an infant by Paul and Clara Jobs. However, his birth mother, Joanne Carole Schieble, was of American, German, and Swiss descent. His birth father, Abdulfattah Jandali, on the other hand, was Syrian. Hence, Jobs has American, German, Swiss, and Syrian heritage. He is a Pisces whose love for electronics developed from watching his adoptive father work and “build almost anything.” He was a loner in middle school and often got in trouble with authority figures. However, he was brilliant and ended up skipping the fifth grade.

He transferred to different schools but still got bullied. Jobs attended Homestead High School in 1968, and by 1971 he was taking Freshman English classes at Stanford University. He got into Reed College in September of 1972. After a semester at Reed, Jobs dropped out as he thought the education wasn’t of value to him. However, he audited some classes including Calligraphy, to which he credits Mac’s typefaces design. Jobs kept in contact with his high school buddy, Steve Wozniak. By March 1976, Wozniak had completed the design for the Apple I computer. The duo decided to sell it, and in April 1976, Jobs, Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer Company in Jobs’ parent’s garage.

Jobs and Wozniak produced 200 Apple I computers that year. The company soon got the attention and funding it needed. By April 1977, both partners premiered the Apple II at the West Coast Computer Faire. This computer became mass-produced and highly successful — and Jobs’ wealth grew exponentially after this. In 1978 he was worth $250 million and was named on Forbes list of wealthiest people. On January 24, 1984, he premiered Macintosh at Apple’s annual shareholder’s meeting. In September 1985, following a disagreement with the board over Macintosh, Jobs tendered his resignation letter to the Apple Board. He then starts a new venture, NeXT, with $7 million.

Jobs was running out of money with NeXT until billionaire Ross Perot invested in the business. In 1988, the NeXT computer was premiered to the world. However, the ‘NeXT Workstation’ was released for purchase in 1990, but at $9,999, they were cost-prohibitive. In 1996, Apple bought NeXT for $427 million, leaving Jobs with the permanent C.E.O. role of Apple Inc. With his return to Apple, Jobs introduced the iMac, iPod, iTunes, and several more ventures. On June 29, 2007, he introduced the iPhone. Jobs was diagnosed with cancer in October 2003, and though the cancerous tumor was removed from his pancreas in 2004, it returned in 2006. Jobs resigned in August 2011 and continued working for Apple until his death in October 2011. He was survived by his wife, Laurene Powell, whom he married in 1991, his four children, and other extended family members.

Career timeline

The Apple Computer Company

Jobs establishes Apple Computer Company with Wozniak and Ronald Wayne after his dropout from college.

The Apple II is Born

Wozniak, Jobs, and Rod Holt work together to produce Apple II.

The Apple Macintosh Premieres

In a packed shareholder's meeting, Jobs introduces Macintosh to the world.

The Resignation From Apple

Following a lengthy disagreement over Macintosh, Jobs resigns and starts NeXT.

The NeXT Workstation is Released

Jobs releases the NeXT workstations at $9,999.

Apple Purchases NeXT

With this transaction, Jobs assumes the role of permanent C.E.O. of Apple Inc.

Why We Love Steve Jobs

  1. He was resilient

    A college dropout can only become one of the wealthiest men in the world by unrelenting resilience and hard work. Jobs exhibited these qualities.

  2. He was not flamboyant

    Jobs had a uniform: A black long-sleeve turtleneck and Levi's 501 blue jeans. He thought it was a daily convenience.

  3. He was a misfit

    Jobs never fit into a box during his childhood and pubescence. His individuality was what triggered bullying from his peers.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was deeply spiritual

    Jobs searched for spiritual enlightenment and was a Zen Buddhist.

  2. He was named executive producer

    After Jobs funded Pixar, he received credit as the executive producer of the 1995 “Toy Story.”

  3. He was Disney's largest single shareholder

    After Disney purchased Pixar in a $7.4 billion all-stock transaction, Jobs emerged as the largest shareholder with seven percent of Disney's stocks from this transaction.

  4. He was a Gap Inc. board member

    Jobs functioned as a board member of Gap Inc.

  5. He loved L.S.D.

    Jobs experimented with L.S.D. and claimed it was the most subliminal feeling of his life.

Steve Jobs FAQs

Was Steve Jobs richer than Bill Gates?

Although both Jobs and Gates were billionaires, Gates became richer.

Who has Steve Jobs' money?

Jobs’ wife, Laurene Powell was left with most of his money.

Who did Steve Jobs admire?

Before his death, Jobs repeatedly declared his admiration for Mark Zuckerberg.

Steve Jobs’s birthday dates

2025February 24Monday
2026February 24Tuesday
2027February 24Wednesday
2028February 24Thursday
2029February 24Saturday

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