April 9th holidays

April 9th is the 99th day in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of Henry V being crowned as the King of England and NASA announcing who the United States' first seven astronauts would be to orbit the earth. Famous April 9th birthdays include Dennis Quaid, Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Nixon, Leighton Meester, Jesse McCartney, Kristen Stewart, and Elle Fanning. April 9th also marks National Winston Churchill Day.

We have 8 holidays listed for April 9.



Easter celebrates Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead and the triumph of good over evil.


National Winston Churchill Day

Sir Winston Churchill unified the British to resist the bombing of Britain by Germany during World War II.


National Cherish an Antique Day

Do you ever think about the historical stories behind your family’s artifacts?


National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

They’re tasty, anti-inflammatory, healthy, and bring good luck… Chinese almond cookies are a one package deal!


National Former Prisoner Of War Recognition Day

Explore the significance of these courageous men and women in U.S. history.


National Name Yourself Day

Celebrate reinvention by trying on a new name for size. Who do you want to be?


National Unicorn Day

Take time out to celebrate a beautiful, horned, rainbow-printed mythical creature.


Vimy Ridge Day

Let’s explore one of the important battles of Canada — the Battle of Vimy Ridge.