Thomas Simons, or Tommyinnit, is an English YouTuber, gamer, and Twitch streamer. Simons produces videos affiliated with the popular video game, “Minecraft.” He is a part of a streaming group called Dream S.M.P. and often does streaming collaborations with other members. He is a highly successful teenager who has created his own path. As of September 2022, his seven YouTube channels had over 24.85 million subscribers and over 2.35 billion views.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Thomas Simons



Birth date:

April 9, 2004



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$10 million

Thomas's Social Media:


Thomas Simons, or Tommyinnit, is a revered name in the gaming world. He is a teenage YouTube streamer who has topped the game and earned massive success. He has the most-followed “Minecraft” account on Twitch. He was born on April 09, 2004, in Nottingham, England, into a family of English and Scottish descent. He grew up in an average British household. He went to a high school in Nottingham and started playing video games during his childhood. He soon realized that he had a knack for the same and began a YouTube channel to document his game streams.

Simons created his first YouTube account called “Channelnutpig,” in February 2013. His debut YouTube channel has accumulated almost 500,000 subscribers. In 2015, he created his most popular YouTube channel, “Simons.” In September 2018, he posted his first video on this channel. His content features live streams of himself playing video games. In August 2019, his subscribers skyrocketed after he uploaded his first Hypixel-related content on his channel. In 2020, he joined Dream S.M.P., a “Minecraft” server.

Simons has witnessed remarkable growth across YouTube and Twitch. In 2021, he won two Guinness World Records for Most Viewers of a “Minecraft” Gameplay Live Stream on Twitch and the Most Followed “Minecraft” Channel on Twitch. He presently has over seven million followers on Twitch and over 11 million on his second YouTube channel. The total number of subscribers across his various YouTube channels amounts to 25 million. As a highly-famous YouTube streamer, Simons shares his success with his family.

Career timeline

The YouTube Debut

Simons creates his first YouTube channel, “Channelnutpig,” to document his video game streams.

The Second Channel

Simons creates his second YouTube channel, “Simons,” to document his video game streams.

The First Video

In a video titled, “Tommy’s First Video,” Simons posts a video of himself playing “Minecraft.” on his second and most popular channel.

The Quotes Book Debuts

Simons and Twitch streamer, Wilbur Soot, are going to launch their book, "Simons Says...The Quote Book," which will be out in October.

Why We Love Tommyinnit

  1. He is hilarious

    Simons is so popular because of his sense of humor. His video streams are filled with memes and jokes. He keeps things light and easy, which makes him so popular!

  2. He is talented

    There aren’t many teenagers who have created their wealth as Simons has. He has so much potential even at such a young age, which is commendable!

  3. He is hardworking

    Running seven successful YouTube channels and a Twitch channel is a lot of work, but Simons makes it look easy. He is hardworking and committed to his work.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is ambidextrous

    He can write with both hands with equal ease.

  2. He has seven channels

    Simons has seven YouTube channels with more than 24.85 million subscribers.

  3. He became a meme

    There’s a viral photo of Simons on the internet where his face is distorted.

  4. He dislikes empty rooms

    Simons revealed in a YouTube video that he was petrified of empty rooms.

  5. He is not adopted

    In an old video, it was portrayed that Simons was adopted, but he revealed the video was staged.

Tommyinnit FAQs

Are Simons and Tubbo related?

No, they are best friends.

How many Instagram followers does Simons have?

Simons has almost four million Instagram followers.

When was Simons’s last YouTube account created?

Simons’s last YouTube channel, “Tom Simons,” was created in April 2021.

Tommyinnit’s birthday dates

2025April 9Wednesday
2026April 9Thursday
2027April 9Friday
2028April 9Sunday
2029April 9Monday

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