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Alex Beltman, also known as “I Hate Everything” (IHE), was born on March 15, 1994. The popular YouTuber uses the public platform to express his deepest dislikes and opinions on movies, games, and popular topics, through exaggerated commentary in his videos. Beltman’s channel gained 800 subscribers by the end of 2013 — the same year it was started — and now has 2.12 million subscribers. He covers a wide range of themes, which he categorizes into six different series. In honor of his birthday month, we give some insights into his rapidly growing “YouTube” channel.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Alexander Beltman


I Hate Everything (IHE), Alex

Birth date:

March 15, 1994



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$558 thousand

Alexander's Social Media:


Alexander Beltman, also known as ‘I Hate Everything,’ was born in New Zealand on March 15, 1994, and currently resides in England. The 28-year-old YouTuber rose to fame in 2013 after launching his first “YouTube” channel, “I Hate Everything.” Beltman uses his channel to rant and comment about everything he hates, likes, and dislikes and exaggerates his opinion on various trending topics, movies, and video games. Officially launched in August 2013, Beltman’s first video on his channel was titled ‘I hate Pewdiepie’s Rabid Fans,’ which got over one million views.

As he grew his fan base, Beltman decided to launch several different series which covered different topics, as extensions of “I Hate Everything.” In 2014, the professional YouTuber released the first videos of his “Q&A”’ videos and “Comment Comeback” videos. In his “Q&A” series, he interacts with his followers and fans by answering all their questions, and in “Comment Comeback,” he visits his old videos and finds the worst and most amusing hate comments and reacts to them. In 2015, Beltman released the first videos of two new series called “The Search for the Worst,” where he discusses his most disliked films, the lowest-rated films on “IMDb,” and analyzes individual scenes from selected films, giving exaggerated commentary on them. The second series — released in 2015 — is called “Trying to Watch,” where he is joined with friends as they watch a variety of films, commenting on and joking about the scenes. In 2016, he leaned more towards adding positive commentary to his “YouTube” channel, despite the name. He released a new series called “I Love,” where instead of talking about what he hates, he discusses what he loves. In 2018, he started his “Quest for the Best” series where he discusses and comments on some of his favorite films in addition to his own “YouTube” channel, he co-hosts “JAR Media” with his brother and two friends, where they talk about movies and games. There are 93.6K subscribers on this channel.
In 2015 and 2016, Beltman experienced disputes with the movie creator of a movie he commented negatively on, and with “YouTube” itself. In 2015, he posted a movie review on his “The Search for the Worst” series about Derek Savage’s “Cool Cat Saves the Kids,” which was quickly taken down owing to copyright violation. “I Hate Everything” now has 2.12 million followers and about 300 videos with nearly 400 million views.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel Debuts

Beltman launches his “YouTube” channel and two days later, releases his very first video on the channel.

The First Q&A Video

Beltman releases his first “Q&A” video and “Comment Comeback” video.

The Release of Two More Series Topics

Beltman expands his topic selection and releases his first videos on “Trying to Watch” and “The Search for the Worst.”

The “I Love” Series

Beltman releases a series called “I Love” and talks about topics he likes instead of dislikes.

The Release of “Quest for the Best”

Beltman starts his series on some of the films he likes the most.

Why We Love I Hate Everything

  1. He’s outspoken about his likes and dislikes

    For some, it might be hard to use a public platform to express your opinions about popular topics. Beltman uses his platform to speak out about his personal opinions on issues, and based on his number of subscribers, he has plenty who agree with his opinion! {[He lives a private life

  2. He lives a private life

    As popular as Beltman is, he hasn’t felt the need to share his private life with the public. When people talk about him, they talk about his strong opinions, not his family or love life.

  3. He serves as a reminder to be yourself and not hide what you feel

    Beltman reminds us of the importance of being true to your own opinions, no matter what the majority rules. Several of his videos share his dislike for movies or topics the majority love, but he expressed his thoughts on them anyway!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Beltman is a private person

    Unlike most YouTubers and social media influencers who make their personal lives public on their channels, Beltman keeps his personal life private.

  2. He never revealed his face for years

    Across the videos on his YouTube channel, he uses a cartoon drawing of himself and hasn’t revealed his face until a few years later on “JAR Media.”

  3. He releases one video a month

    Many would think that a YouTuber as popular as he releases weekly videos, however, on average, Beltman only releases one video per month.

  4. He voiced a character in a game

    In the game “Hunt Down the Freeman,” he voiced a character named ‘Nick.’

  5. His “YouTube” channel was once taken down

    To his dismay, “YouTube” shut down his channel for no known reason, however, the channel was recovered again a day later.

I Hate Everything FAQs

Does IHateEverything have a girlfriend?

Beltman does not reveal much about his personal life, however, he might be single.

Why doesn’t IHateEverything show his face?

Beltman (IHE) revealed that showing his face wouldn’t add any value to his videos and the focus should be about what he says, not how he looks while saying it.

What nationality is Alex Beltman

Beltman is British.

I Hate Everything’s birthday dates

2025March 15Saturday
2026March 15Sunday
2027March 15Monday
2028March 15Wednesday
2029March 15Thursday

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