Karina Calor Kurzawa, born on 23 March 2007, started her road to fame by posting videos of Roblox and Minecraft on YouTube. Some may know her through the first video she posted on her channel, “How to make D.I.Y. picture frame |Easy kids crafts.” She collaborated with her brother, Ronald, on their joint channel, SIS vs BRO, and she has lately become admired for these videos. She’s an e-player and makes her money solely from her channel and gaming tournaments. Together with her brother, they sell merchandise on their official website. Today we’ll help you celebrate this impressive girl’s special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Karina Calor Kurzawa


Gamergirl, Karina Kurzawa, KarinaOMG

Birth date:

March 23, 2007



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4 million

Karina's Social Media:


From a family of five, Karina Kurzawa was the first person in her family to upload a YouTube video, and she has since opened a leeway, so to speak, for everyone else in the family to join in on that fun. She was born in Canada; to her father, Freddy Kurzawa, who now has his own YouTube channel, thanks to her, and her mother, Hola Kurzawa. She has a younger brother, Ronald Kurzawa, popularly known as RonaldOMG, and a younger sister, Aria Kurzawa. She is said to be using the name ‘Kurzawa’ to protect the identities of her and her family.

Kurzawa’s road to fame began in 2015 after she had created her own YouTube, posting D.I.Y. videos and product reviews. Her first post on this channel was a video titled “How to make D.I.Y. picture frame |Easy kids craft” which has recently gained over 1.1 million views. In 2016, she collaborated with her brother, posting videos of challenges, questionnaires, and games in their joint channel, SIS vs BRO, which has lately gained about 14 million subscribers. With over 118 million views, their most popular video on the channel remains “Nighttime Routine!! School Day vs Weekend.” A month later, she started posting videos relating to Roblox and Minecraft on her new channel titled Gamergirl, and has managed to reel in over 5.4 million subscribers lately.

Apart from her life on social media, Kurzawa sells merchandise with her younger brother on their official website: https://www.sisvsbro.com/. She has completed her education at Sotogrande International School. Kurzawa loves shopping, specifically at Zara and H.&M., respectively. Now one has to admit, she’s definitely the queen of the digital world and should have probably featured in the movies “Free Guy” or “Ready Player One.”

Career timeline

The Vlogging Begins

Kurzawa opens her YouTube account and uses it for personal vlogging, D.I.Y. videos, and product reviews.

The Collaborations and Her Big Break

She collaborates with her younger brother on a joint YouTube channel titled SIS vs BRO and later opens another channel of her own titled Gamergirl, from where she derived one of her nicknames.

The Piano Lessons

Apart from the digital world of vlogging and gaming, Kurzawa decides to start learning piano.

The Gamer’s Return

After taking a prolonged break from her social media, with on and offs, Kurzawa returns to the game even better at what she does.

Why We Love KarinaOMG

  1. She is a go-getter

    Although she's young, Kurzawa has been able to make something out of her life. At 14 years of age, she's worth $14 million because she saw a gap in society and chose to fill it by creating intriguing content that has had over five million people hooked.

  2. She knows how to prioritize well

    Despite her growing fame and the demand for her content, Kurzawa can still keep her eye on the ball and focus on pursuing her studies. She's able to tell the difference between what is most important and what isn’t.

  3. She is eager to learn

    Kurzawa is a curious young lady passionate about learning things outside her comfort zone. She teaches us that people should strive to be diverse and not fear the unknown because that is how we grow through different experiences and learn to understand each other better.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She hates swimming but loves canoeing

    The all-famous YouTube star enjoys being on water rather than in it and getting all wet.

  2. The first to have a YouTube channel

    Kurzawa was the first in her family to ever upload a video on YouTube and was later followed by the rest.

  3. She has a passion for basketball

    Surprisingly, besides the love for pizza and gaming, Kurzawa has a passion for shooting lay-ups and hoops.

  4. She's allergic to nuts but not Nutella

    Surprised as you are, not everyone who’s allergic to nuts is also allergic to all products that contain nuts, especially if that product has delicious chocolate in it.

  5. She learned content creation at seven years

    When Kurzawa reached seven years of age, her parents encouraged her and her brother to start creating content and posting it on YouTube as an approach to beginning their careers.

KarinaOMG FAQs

Has KarinaOMG won any awards?

She has received a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Female Social Star, and Favorite Gamer.

Is KarinaOMG Spanish or Canadian?

Kurzawa was born in Canada but relocated with her family to Spain, making her a Canadian native.

Why did her family move to Spain?

The family moved to Spain because of Canada’s cold weather.

KarinaOMG’s birthday dates

2024March 23Saturday
2025March 23Sunday
2026March 23Monday
2027March 23Tuesday
2028March 23Thursday

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