Quando Rondo

Tyquian Terrel Bowman, born on March 23, 1999, better known by the stage name Quando Rondo, began his journey as a musician at the age of 18. Having been raised in an orphanage, Quando Rando had it tough growing up, being exposed early to a life of crime. He was later able to break out of the cycle and realize his potential beyond the unfortunate circumstance he was raised in. He signed with Atlantic Records in 2017, and recently, he has gained 93 million views on his breakthrough track ‘I Remember.’

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Tyquian Terrel Bowman

Birth date:

March 23, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1 million

Tyquian's Social Media:


Born in Savannah, Georgia, Quando Rando had it tough growing up: his mother was constantly under drug influence, and his father got imprisoned most of the time because of his criminal activities. owing to the kind of circumstances Quando Rando grew up in, he got involved in criminal activities and gang violence as a child. He was lonely in his childhood and had no one to advise and guide him, until his time in a juvenile prison when he consciously took the brave and educated step to make something valuable out of his life.

Some of his songs went quickly viral after he uploaded them on SoundCloud, gaining numerous followers on his social media pages. With such great talent, it didn’t take long for him to get noticed by famous rappers in the industry, such as Birdman and The Game; eventually, he signed a deal with Atlantic Records. In 2018, his career took a flight for the stars after releasing his collaboration with Lil Baby, titled ‘I Remember,’ a track that has been viewed 93 million times on YouTube. Later that year, after getting a taste of fame, Quando Rando released a mixtape titled “Life After Fame.” In 2019, he released several tracks, including ‘Scarred From Love,’ in the mixtape “From the Neighborhood to the Stage.” In 2020, his debut studio album, “QPac,” finally dropped.

The young star was previously in a relationship with Jai Doll, and they have a daughter, Italy. The couple broke up after Quando Rando discovered that Jai Doll was sleeping with his cousin. Quando Rando is now with Jaliyah Monet, a 24-year-old YouTuber.

Career timeline

Quando Rondo Invades SoundCloud

He signs a deal with Atlantic Records and begins uploading some of his tracks on SoundCloud.

His Big Break

Quando Rando gets his break into the industry with the release of ‘I Remember,’ in which he collaborates with Lil Baby — and the record achieves commercial success, with 93 million views on YouTube.

He Drops Another Hit Single

Quando Rando proves he’s a genius by scoring another hit, ‘Scarred from Love,’ which features in his mixtape "From the Neighborhood to the Stage."

His Debut Album Drops

After many successful mixtapes, Quando Rando releases "QPac," his debut album, to much critical acclaim.

Why We Love Quando Rondo

  1. He went from rags to riches

    Quando Rando is proof that it is possible to make a better life for yourself if you put your mind to it. He was not raised in a stable home. He had to fend for himself and make a decision regarding how he wanted his life to end up. Quando Rando is an inspiration to the many young boys and girls out there who aren't having life easy.

  2. He knows his worth

    Quando Rando got his breakthrough in his career at 18. He never doubted his potential to make it big. Regardless of the unfavorable conditions in which he was raised, Quando Rando remained confident in his ability, which is why he knew that signing with Atlantic Records was an achievement he deserved.

  3. He doesn’t let his past define him

    Regardless of how tough it was growing up, Quando Rando was able to make a name for himself. He does not deny that he grew up committing certain crimes, but he doesn't let it stand in the way of making a better life for himself. What inspires us most is that he is not ashamed to own up to his childhood experiences and continues to tell his life story through his music.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Two years in a juvenile prison

    Quando Rando was engaged in criminal activities from a very young age, which is why he was unable to graduate from high school, having spent two years in a juvenile detention center.

  2. He was a fan of Rajon Rondo

    Rajon Rondo is a basketball player who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Quando Rando loved him.

  3. Collective Soul was his inspiration in music

    Inspired by Chief Keef, Collective Soul, and Fatboy Slim, Quando Rando decided to venture into music and see where that would get him.

  4. He had his daughter at 19

    Quando Rando had his daughter when he was only 19, just two years into the rap game.

  5. He enjoys being a father

    Because of his experience of not having a father present, Quando Rando enjoys every lesson that his daughter teaches him about being a father, and he’s constantly present for her.

Quando Rondo FAQs

Who are Quando Rando’s parents?

Quando Rando hasn’t yet introduced us to his parents.

Which school did Quando Rando attend?

This information is not yet available to the public, but what we know is that he was unable to finish school because of the kind of life he was exposed to at the time.

How old was he when he was adopted?

Quando Rando was five years old when he was adopted.

Quando Rondo’s birthday dates

2025March 23Sunday
2026March 23Monday
2027March 23Tuesday
2028March 23Thursday
2029March 23Friday

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